The World has a lot of Great People, You Just Need to Know How to Find Them


Last weekend Mr. PQ spent the hours of delightfully early spring working with our awesome photographer Cory, of CJ Ryan photography, capturing our new Luxury Line of the Little Black Book for iPhone 4/4s and Octavo for iPad3. Choosing wonderful locales such as the historic St. Paul Hotel and artistic Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden, the guys captured the feel and essence of our new line of products as well as adding some spring to our existing bookbindery cases. We think you will enjoy the artistry as much as you enjoy our books. In the course of hauling mountains of gear from site to site, Mr. PQ failed to notice the absence of one iPad 2 and its beautiful Octavo case. No wonder, we designed them to be sneaky like that.
Just ask the wonderful mom of twins from Chicago who happened upon the “journal sketch pad” leaning against a park bench. As it happened, she was in town for a wedding and had taken her young family to enjoy the sculpture garden when she found our iPad. She called the next day to say she had our iPad 2 and ask how she could return it to us. She even felt badly that she had forgotten about it until she unpacked the Octavo Monday morning. While Mr. and Mrs. PQ in dismay had feared the worst, it was the great Chicago Mom who reminded us there are a lot of great people in the world.
-Mrs. PQ