best iphone gifts for 2015

Picking out gifts can be hard. It’s much easier if you know that the person you are getting the gift for has an iPhone. There is a treasure trove of some of the very best iPhone 6s cases and accessories to choose from. Here is a little help with that pesky question “What gift should I get for…”

The Best iPhone 6s Cases

The only thing that can make the honeymoon phase of being a new iPhone 6s owner is a case that makes it feel as luxuriant as it is. Of course, we are a little biased here at Pad & Quill and we love giving our own cases as gifts! But which one? We recommend picking a case that matches the owner’s lifestyle. Are they free spirited? Structured and fastidious? Travel crazy? One of these cases and gifts below will most certainly appeal to them.

leather iPhone wallet case

The Luxury Pocket Book. This iPhone 6 Wallet Case is a perfect gift for your organized friends who drop their phones a lot. It is luxurious, without breaking the bank. The case is crafted from a single piece of American full grain leather that is stitched together with parachute grade nylon stitching, and the iPhone is housed in a precision cut Baltic birch wooden frame. The end result is a gorgeous wallet case that looks like a leather journal, has 5 card pockets, and maintains a slim silhouette at the same time. There are 4 color combinations available for $89.99.

leather iPhone 6 slim wallet case

The Bella Fino Leather iPhone Case. This ultra-thin leather wallet case only adds just over a quarter inch (.28”) to the overall thickness of the phone. It's perfect for the minimalist who also enjoys the finer things in life. It houses 5 cards in its slots, and uses an residue free adhesive to hold the phone in very securely. 5 color combos are offered. $59.99

leather iphone sleeve

The Valet Leather iPhone Sleeve is a great gift for the iPhone 6s user who loves to run their phone 'au naturel', the bold one who dares to go it on their own without a case. The iPhone 6s slips snugly into this durable leather sleeve, with credit card pockets on one side and an iPhone viewing window slot on the other. $69.99

The Best iPhone 6s Accessories That Make a Thoughtful Gift


For Teenagers: The Jamstik. Learn how to play guitar with this accessory for iPhone 6s. The stick integrates with an app for exciting lessons that are easy to learn and translates well into a real guitar. Think of it as training wheels for a guitar. Best of all, you can listen to your progress with headphones so as not to torture the rest of the family. $299.99 (It’s cheaper than guitar lessons, and you don’t have to drive them there and pick them up either).


For Photographers: The Ollo Clip. This 4 in 1 lense is a clip on accessory for photography. It give you a fisheye lense, a macro 10x lense, a macro 15x lense, and a wide angle lense, all the while fitting in your pocket. $79.99


For Travelers: Hello Nomad Power Plant. Here at PQ we are big fans of all things wooden. Made from a solid block of American Walnut, this is a portable battery pack with a 12,000mAH capacity. Big on style and power but small on space, this pack is roughly the size of your iPhone and will help you get through the day without having to find an outlet. $49.95


For the Germaphobe: Easycare is a portable UV light cell phone sanitizer. It's like a tanning booth for your iPhone. Except it cleans and disinfects it too! Doesn’t that just tickle all kinds of clean-freak happy spots? $51.78

leather iPhone clutch purse

For Women: Leather iPhone Clutch Purse. This classy clutch style purse for iPhone 6s is a minimalist purse with 4 credit card pockets, and a cash pocket in addition to the iPhone 6s compartment in the purse. A detachable strap makes this the perfect essentials only purse for a night on the town. $59.95


For Active People: The Quad Lock. This mounting system is for various activities and would be appealing to the active person of either gender. Options are available for it to mount on a bike, car, or even your arm during a run.


For The Friend Who Has It All: Leather Lightning Cable. Sure, everybody has a lightning cable these days, but do they have a leather wrapped lightning cable with a leather cord holder? I think not. For the friend who already has it all, this is the gift that won't break the bank and will certainly bring a smile of delight to their face. $29


For The James Bond Fan: Bullet Bluetooth Earpiece. Who doesn't love a good piece of spy tech in their life? This is the smallest bluetooth earbud we are aware of, and it comes with its own charging capsule too! For those of us who dream of secret missions and the life of danger, this tiny ear bud will bring us one step closer. $150

As the we roll into the new year, we hope this guide will help you find the perfect gift for that special someone. In the end, it’s the thought that counts, but an awesome gift that nails it, is even better. Stay tuned for our Ultimate iPad Gift Guide For 2015.