ipad-gift-guide-2015Picking the perfect gift can seem daunting, but there is a simple and magical formula to picking the perfect gift for someone. Find out what kind of tech they use, iPhone, iPad, etc…, and casually discern their taste by looking at their style. Are they into bohemian styles? Or maybe they are more refined and prefer classic looks. With these two things you can usually pick a gift that is both thoughtful and spot on. If you've got a iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro user in the family, here are some great gift ideas from the Pad & Quill catalog and elsewhere that will bring a smile to their face and put a twinkle in their eyes.

Top iPad Gift Ideas: Accessories

bluetooth ipad speakerFor The Audiophile: Sound Blaster Roar 2. A portable Bluetooth speaker with serious sound. Don’t let this speaker’s slender frame fool you. We use it at home for Hulu binge watching. It is a beast of sound. Deep, complex, and easy to use. Best Bluetooth speaker for the money, hands down. $159.99

Leather Cord Organizer and Tool RollFor The Organized Traveler: Intrepid Tech Roll. This organizing system is awesome. Tuck in your cords once and you can plug in and use them, and take off again, without ever taking the cords or tech out. There is three cord slots, as well as space for a hard drive or battery back up, and a zipper pocket for everything else. All this rolls up into a tidy bundle of full grain leather with straps. This is something you keep for life. $129.99

long ipad lightning cableFor The Colorful Friend: Brilliance Lighting Cable. This is like friendship bracelets for lightning cords. This cord has a woven outer layer that gives it a bit more rugged feel with a splash of color. It also adds 2 extra feet of cord length, so you're never out of reach of an outlet again. This cord mixes in a little snaz to normally boring cords, and who doesn’t love to have an extra cord for a great price anyways. $25.95

ipad-keyboard-overlayFor The Touch Typer: Touchfire. This is for the person who is always complaining about the keyboard on the iPad, but never buys a physical keyboard. This is a simple silicone overlay that is removable and gives a tactile feel to the existing keyboard. Great for touch typers and those who constantly misspell their iMessages. $69.99

apple magic keyboardFor Serious Wordsmiths: Apple Magic Keyboard. For those who need some serious typing power, the Apple Magic Keyboard makes a great bluetooth companion to an iPad or iPad Pro. It's slim enough to fit in a bag easily, has an enormous battery life, and is both snappy and responsive with it's special low-profile keys. There's simply no better typing experience out there for a desktop or a tablet. $99

ipad-stand-speaker-woodiPad Stand: Wooden iPad Stand Speaker Combo. We are suckers for wood, and this is a gorgeous hand-made piece of functional art that combines an iPhone stand, iPad stand, and a speaker all into one piece of stunning wood. It would make a stand-out 'pièce de résistance' on any desk setup. Each piece is handmade and unique so prices vary.

The Best iPad Cases to Gift:

An iPad is only as good as the case that protects it. And a case says a lot about the person who uses it. So this can be a toughy. Of course, we are partial to Pad & Quill cases, so here's some selections that might be a great match for that special someone.

iPad Mini:

ipad mini book caseFor the student: The Author Series iPad Mini Case. This journal style case keeps the iPad safe and fits nicely in a college students line up, as it has a library feel to it already. It protects like a hard bound book, and comes in tons of color and pattern choices so you can find a combo that works for even the most finicky. $62.45

leather iPad Mini sleeveFor the minimalist: iPad Mini Leather Sleeve. This is a slim sleeve for the iPad that sports a classic bookmark shaped leather pull through closure with a leather base and waxed canvas body. There's even some pockets on the outside to tuck in a cord, stylus, and a few pieces of paper. $49.99

iPad Air:

leather ipad caseFor refined tastes: The Aria. The iPad Air never looked so good as it does in this case. It suspends the iPad Air as if it were suspended in time with sure-lock device grips and a sturdy Baltic Birch wood frame. The foldable folio-style leather cover folds back for horizontal propping, and looks awesome doing it. The quality of this case is so good it will outlast the iPad itself. $149.99

iPad Pro:

ipad pro caseFor the professional in disguise: Contega Linen iPad Pro Folio Case. Archival quality book bindery Buckrum Linen cloth combines with Baltic Birch framing to form a book-like case for iPad Pro. The case fully protects the Pro, is lightweight, and doubles as a self-propping stand with a grippy lining. It's also got custom sound channels to warm and direct the stereotastic sound right at you. $119.95

leather ipad pro bagFor the cord cutter: Valet Leather iPad Pro Bag. The iPad Pro can do just about everything a laptop can, and it's only going to get more powerful. For all the laptop and desktop cord cutters out there, this is the personal assistant they've been waiting for. It showcases the iPad Pro’s soft curves while keeping it safe in transit with this stunningly gorgeous leather sleeve and has space for the cords and charges, an Apple Pencil, and a bluetooth keyboard. $89.95

The Best Gift Luxury Bags for iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini

A good bag is an essential item when you first get an iPad. You need a bag that fits your personality, while offering a good blend of protection and style. We will start from the smallest member of the iPad family to the biggest.

iPad Mini Bags:

leather messenger bag

For him: Leather Messenger Bag. This bag offers a classy blend of rugged canvas, with durable leather. It's one of our most popular and most classic bags. It has a dedicated iPad mini pocket with space for a laptop and much more. $369

lillium ipad mini bagFor her: Lillium Hip Purse iPad Mini Bag. This hip purse offers a very hip look to carrying the iPad Mini. It is in the style of a European belt purse, that sits square on the hips for a flattering angle and a gunslinger look. The iPad mini has its own dedicated microsuede pocket. $139

iPad Air Bags:

leather laptop briefcaseFor the professional: Luxury Briefcase. This briefcase is expertly made to be strong, versatile, and classically good looking. It houses a 15 inch laptop and an iPad Air or Pro. This is a do-it-all tech bag. $495

leather laptop backpackFor the college bound: The Roll-Top Backpack. This classy bag harkens the days of James Dean with its roll-top weather proof closure. It is swimming with space and will perfectly house an iPad Air or iPad Pro. $319

iPad Pro Bags:

leather tote bagFor Her: Leather Tote. This tote ain’t your momma’s tote. It houses an iPad Pro in a dedicated pocket with a water bottle holder, and tons of space. Not to mention the glimmeringly beautiful leather. $209

large leather canvas laptop briefcaseFor Him: Large Briefcase. This Canvas and Leather iPad Pro Briefcase can fit practically your whole office. It has a look that says “I am a competent professional, but I also have a life.” It’s classic but rugged in looks, and superbly functional. $365

We hope this list has helped you find something special to give to that special someone. If you are still looking, don't miss our Ultimate iPhone Gift Guide For 2015.