mens leather duffle bag

As you start to travel more often, that old beat-up cloth duffle bag from freshman year isn't going to cut it anymore. Sure it's been your go-to for years now, but it's definitely past its prime. The time has come to let it go and invest in a good quality leather duffle. But which one? How do you know if it'll work out for you?

Well... We may be a little biased, but we have designed the ultimate men's leather duffle bag. Here at Pad & Quill, nothing but the best will do. We took our sturdiest hardware and leather, and shaped them into a bag that is a delight to hold. It also upholds one of our key design principles: versatility. You can bring it on a plane headed to Hawaii, a business trip, or even a weekend road trip. This bag is chockfull of lovely features, backed by an incredible warranty and team, and extremely rugged. Let's take an in-depth look at it!

Enduring Craftsmanship

leather bagsWe'll start out with the people that craft each bag. Every day, they help us live up to our name and mission: Pad & Quill - Durable goods, artisan made. Our artisans play a crucial role on our team and in this Duffle's beauty. They begin by inspecting the raw materials needed. From there, they use their artisanry to craft our gorgeous leather bags and accessories. Our tannery only accepts the top 20% of full-grain leather for our bags. Learn more about their tanning and crafting process!

Next, construction begins. We pair our rugged leather with parachute grade thread to give the bag structure and functionality. As the bag starts to come to form, we add detail to the exterior.

Why we love it: We strongly believe in the power of the individual and their story. Each of our artisans imbues your duffle with the passion and history they have of leather work.

The Relentless Leather Weekend Bag

mens leather duffle bag

Let's take a closer look at that signature Pad & Quill exterior. The full-grain leather it's comprised of is thick and durable and inherits natural markings. Also, it is naturally weatherproof, keeping your precious belongings safe and dry. Then, we add quick-access slip pockets along the front and back.

We then add the most unbreakable hardware. Our antiqued brass buckles and clasps serve to keep everything together and in its place. Reinforcements come in the form of our hand-pounded copper rivets along key stress points. Then, our incredible Japanese nickel zippers zip everything up. Finally, we add a leather luggage pass through strap to our favorite leather weekend bag. With those materials in hand, our artisans transform them into a beautiful range of three signature colors.

Why we love it: The rugged duffle bag emerges as a result of enduring craftsmanship that is ready to take on the elements.

The Leather Weekend Bag's Features You Need

leather duffle bags

Moving into the interior, you'll find that it's not just the exterior that's gorgeous. Open it up, you'll and the entire bag is lined with phenomenal leather. We use an incredibly soft pigskin that helps protect your belongings from bumps and scrapes. Lastly, the reinforced interior looks fantastic empty or full. There's no such thing as a deflated bag here at Pad & Quill.

Also, we added a zippered interior pocket, made of the rich exterior leather. Some items are too sensitive to travel loosely inside the main compartment. Every traveler knows that just the phrase "internal compartment" is worth a second look. You don't have to fret about your brogues smashing up cords and SD cards. We expanded on the typical design theory of internal pockets and the pocket is reinforced with a pull tab zipper and 4 copper rivets.

Why we love it: To us, the best duffle has to go beyond simply looking good, it has to be good. We tailored our interior design to maximize functionality, durability, and character.

What Our Customers are Saying About Our Leather Duffle Bag

mens duffle bags

Okay, we'll concede that loving our own bag isn't exactly the most humble thing to do... However, don't just take our word for it! Here's what just a few of our customers are saying:

Christopher from Illinois had this to say about our Heritage Duffle Bag, "5/5 stars, vintage aesthetics that function - The value placed in the thoughtful design and aesthetics of the bag is very effective in the function of this bag. It is made to withstand the abuse of the heavy traveler and I know when I am using this, it creates a statement of professionalism and creativity. It is an amazing duffle bag that I know will never grow bored of and have the honor to showcase how wonderful the bag is. It may be expensive, but know that you are placing an investment into the quality that you know will last for generations and it looks beautiful on top of it. No regrets."  We certainly agree, Christopher! We blurred the lines between professionalism and play with our Heritage Duffle.

Paul from Michigan also gave it 5/5 stars and said, “The bag is even better than described, to be honest. It is so soft and you can tell it is handmade with care. I love the size as it is very roomy inside once it opened up and the leather looks and smells great. Highly recommend bag, thanks, guys!” One of our favorite things to celebrate is when our bags prove to be a delight for the senses.

Have you tried out our travel weekend bag for men yet? If so, what did you think? What are the traits you look for in a bag? Let us know in the comments below!

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