holiday tech presentsThe holidays are upon us. From the turkey filled tryptophan haze of Thanksgiving to the sugar-fueled month long experience that is Christmas, it’s a time for reunions, food and memories made. Having the best entertainment for any big holiday party or dinner is essential to being a perfect host. From music to applications to make your holidays a little saner, we’ve rounded up our favorite tech products for a tech-friendly holiday season.

Music and Video For Tech-Friendly Holiday Jams


[caption id="attachment_3498" align="aligncenter" width="625"]holiday tech products The Bose SoundLink Mini[/caption]

The smooth dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra. That one really cute Apple Christmas ad. Or the annual watching of A Christmas Story. Media plays an essential part in bringing us together. No one can disagree or argue while watching Elf and the perfect song constantly sets the perfect holiday mood.

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy the best music, Bose offers some of the best speaker systems to play at any holiday dinner or event. Our favorite is the SoundLink Mini II. It's a versatile piece of equipment meant to last while also providing top-notch sound, so you can listen to 'Santa Baby' for the 10th time today.

[caption id="attachment_3506" align="aligncenter" width="625"]airplay macbook Obviously, your Youtube Video marathon doesn't have to be this boring looking.[/caption]

Trying to find a way to show a funny youtube video from your iPhone to your Apple TV? Airplay has made it easy for Mac users to share anything. Make a competition to find the funniest, happiest or most touching video and provide entertainment for everyone in the family. You can even watch this helpful tutorial to learn more about the ins and outs of Airplay for all your devices. (link)

Our Favorite Applications and Tech for the Holidays

SmartHome from Best Buy

[caption id="attachment_3508" align="aligncenter" width="625"]smarthome tech-friendly holiday Partner your lights, food and more with Best Buy's Smart Home and Apple's Home Kit.[/caption]

Forgot if you locked the doors? Or want to turn the fireplace on from afar during a sledding session? Best Buy's Smart Home makes controlling your house as easy as finding a new pair of socks for your dad. Get it installed in his house and you’ll be the all-star Christmas guru. Plus with the multitude of customizable options, it's a gift that can keep giving for years to come.


tech-friendly holiday

Arguing about the best way to cook a turkey or trying to remember the seasonings in your favorite apple pie. This list of cooking applications has made that as easy as pie. With recipes, instructions, and helpful tutorials, you’ll be the newest sous chef under Grandma. We all know we can never beat her cooking.

Use Your Apple Watch All Holiday Season Long

apple watch band

So you’ve eaten enough food to think that you might actually start becoming the food. Your apple watch activity monitor is embarrassing enough to make you want to hide the little numbers till January. Lucky for you, Apple understands. On Thanksgiving, Apple sent little reminders. Plus you can set a few reminders for yourself via the Activity app.  Plus with watch bands like this, a walk around the neighborhood is a definite to show it off.

The Toys That Bring Everyone Together

Phantom 4 drone

Looking for toys to bring the whole family together? One of Mr. PQs favorite's this holiday season is the DJI Phantom 4 . Want to check out the neighborhood from above while also impressing your younger cousins? And with the drone market ever growing, there's plenty of options for everyone from your grandma to your techy niece.

Hosting a small army at your house this Christmas? Investing in a charging station will save your fuses and sanity. Set up a designated station for everyone to juice up their products. Plus, it's the perfect way to get your family tech free and enjoying the holidays together.

leather rollup travel backpack

Pack everything up in your favorite trusty backpack and you'll be rocking a style your family is sure to love. Plus, we've heard from a certain jolly Nick that Pad & Quill products make the perfect Tech-Friendly

A Tech Friendly Holiday With the Best

holiday tech

We here at Pad & Quill love the holidays. From making memories to crafting new experiences, we love how our company and products bring families together. Plus with some of our favorite tech products for the holidays, we know that your family get-togethers, cookie baking contests, and New Year's Eve parties will be memorable for years to come.