A Leather Apple Watch Cuff As Old As Time... Or At Least As Old As Elvis

When we found out we could get our hands on a select stock of vintage leather from Europe, we didn’t just buy a little bit of it, we bought it all. Hailing from the 1950s with a beautiful patina color we created a leather Apple Watch cuff that will mold to your wrist and age with you and your watch. The Limited Edition 60 Year Luxury Leather Lowry Cuff for Apple Watch Series 1 & Series 2 comes from the time of Elvis, The Civil Rights Movement, and the Lindy and stands out as a cuff meant to last for years to come.

60-Year Luxury Leather Cuff: Fine Details and Even Finer Materials

Luxury leather cuff for apple watch with open back for optical sensor
The 60-year Luxury Lowry cuff includes many of the bits and pieces of our original Apple Watch bands with a few eye-catching differences and upgrades. The vintage leather hails from Europe and includes a “circa 1950” inscription to remind you that what you are wearing has weathered a crazy amount of presidents, pop stars and iPhone upgrades.

With hand-finished uniform stitching, a nickel-finish buckle and an interior strap made of raw leather/soft suede; it will easily conform to your wrist and feel like a classic strap that can last a lifetime. Using ph-balanced leather oil and traditional stitching methods, the leather Apple Watch cuff stands out from the rest by taking on a richer and newer color after extended use, becoming a unique piece for each owner.

It can be easily installed with a few quick clicks and leaves the optical pulse sensor unobstructed, making it an easy to use fashion choice that can make a statement all on its own.

The Luxury Cuff for Apple Watch: American Made and Craftsman Approved

[caption id="attachment_3181" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Lowry Luxury leather Cuff for apple watch aged 6 months Luxury Cuff aged 6 months.[/caption]

While the leather may come from Europe, the stitching and construction all take place in Minneapolis on the banks of the Mississippi River, our hometown. Each leather cuff is hand signed by the craftsman who created it as a subtle nod to the traditional handcrafted methods used to create it.

With a 25-year leather warranty and 30-day return policy, this is a leather Apple Watch cuff that can stay with you for years to come. As the leather ages, it takes on a richer patina color and, naturally begins to form to your wrist, like a good pair of shoes or a baseball glove passed down from generation to generation. Hand-finished uniform stitching gives subtle details to add to the unique one-of-a-kind design for your Apple Watch.

A Leather Cuff That Will Last, A Limited Edition That Will Be Gone Before You Know It

Limited Edition Luxury Lowry Cuff for Apple Watch series 1 & 2
While we here at Pad & Quill are in love with this new band for the Apple Watch Series 1 & 2, it’s one that will be off shelves soon. With a limited edition release, once they are gone, they'll be history just like the hopes and dreams of Twin's fans everywhere.

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