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Wow, the rumor mill is in full production this week as the iPad 3 news keeps coming! The official announcement just went out today from Apple to the media for the iPad 3 unveiling event on March 7th. The current run down of top features that are purported to be coming include:
- HD screen resolution that looks like printed paper
- Much better camera that may include full 1080 resolution for video
- 4G LTE capability creating amazingly fast download speeds
- A Quad-core processor for amazingly fast processing speeds
- NEW ONE – No home button! That should be interesting!
- Microsoft Office for the iPad 3
Well, you can imagine what’s going on around here at PQ headquarters regarding all of this news. Planning, lots of planning. We cannot wait to share with you the line-up we have of cases for iPad 3. We’ll feature new lines that will not only be practical and protective, but will include some of the most beautiful iPad case designs and materials that we’ve ever offered.
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Feels like Christmas in March!
-Mr. and Mrs. PQ