How to Restore Your Genuine Leather Bag

When you purchased your first genuine leather bag, you invested in a product meant to last. Why else invest in something so high quality? But with the unique beauty of full grain genuine leather, comes  great responsibility.

Owning a high quality leather good for years can lead to plenty of wear and tear. Life happens. And by life we mean cats, coffee spills, babies and more. No matter what kind of wear and tear your bag has been through, we’ve collected the 5 best ways to restore leather and bring new life to your favorite leather bag.

1. Preemptive Leather Bag Care

When it comes to full grain genuine leather, just like your own skin, it’s important to moisturize and protect it early so it won’t fade as it ages. Every 90 days, clean and apply a high quality leather oil to your leather goods. Please avoid the internet’s advice and avoid using vinegar, baby wipes or mayonnaise. Unfortunately most men's leather bag warranties won't cover chemical stains from using non-approved substances.

Confused about where to begin? Follow along here for a step by step instructional video.

2. Scratches on Your Men's Leather Bag

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If you've ever owned an iPhone with a glass back, you know scratches can happen to the best of us, unless you're using a really smart full grain leather case . If your leather bag, wallet or iPhone case are looking worse for wear due to scratches don’t throw in the towel quite yet.Here at Pad & Quill we like to say that scuffs, scratches and marks are signposts of life, showing where your leather product has been and what it’s been through.

Luckily if a big scratch appears, it can easily be repaired with a high quality leather balm. Begin by cleaning the surface of the good, then using your choice of leather balm (we recommend this one), massage it gently into the surface, using circular motions. Let the balm sit and air dry for at least 30 minutes, then wipe off the excess. Repeat this process as needed, and watch the scratch begin to fade.

3. Faded Leather

Over time, exposure to sunlight and changing air temperatures can cause leather to fade. No matter where you live, the elements of nature can find a way to your leather bag. Without proper oil and moisture, you'll likely see diminishing colors and a fade appear on your leather product.

Use a combination of leather oil and balm, gently moisturize the entire product.  Repeat daily, allowing time for the oil and balm to soak in between. If the color still seems faded, we recommend using a leather dye like this one from The Buckle Guy.Be careful to choose the correct dye for your leather product, as this can permanently alter the color of it.

4. Water Stains and Full Grain Leather Products

Full grain leather is incredibly porous and without proper protection, will soak up water and chemicals quickly. This can easily lead to leather drying out and cracking.

When leather gets wet and does not have an oil layer built up to make it hydrophobic, you may begin to see whitening around the area and eventually fading of the color. The first step is to quickly dry off the leather with an absorbent soft towel. Be careful to not use heat as this can lead to further damage. Allow some time for it to dry in a cool area with good airflow.

After your leather is fully dry, use a heavy duty leather balm to introduce moisture back into the skin. Allow this to soak in for at least 15 minutes before wiping off the excess. Finish with a high quality leather oil to waterproof the full grain leather and give one last boost of moisture.

5. Men's Leather Bag Stitching and Buckles

While it’d be easy to say that every leather product you purchase from Pad & Quill will stand the test of time with some good leather care, sometimes things happen. If you have a buckle come loose, stitching unthread or other unfortunate malfunction, we have your back, with our 25 year leather warranty on our full grain leather bags and accessories.

Restore Your Leather Bag and Bring New Life Into It

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Sometimes restoring leather products can feel like a daunting task, but with time, patience and the right products, you’ll be able to enjoy your item for years to come. Purchasing a high quality leather cleaner, oil and balm is the best place to start. Invest in a product that is high quality, with natural ingredients like our Leather Oil and Cleaner Kit.

Here at Pad & Quill we believe in investing in every product we make, from our finest men's leather bags to our balms and cleaning kits. Don’t know where to start or have more questions. Reach out to our top rated customer service team.