A PSA from Mrs. PQ


Last night I listened to a violin concerta by the 14 year old as I was racing around with last minute packing.  The impromptu concert wasn't at the top of my to do list, but the kid volunteered and how can you say no? Ironically I'd listened to a speech from Tony Dungy (NFL coach and analyst) in which he expressed deep regret at not hugging his son goodbye one final time.  His son passed away a month later.  It was a reminder to me to approach life with more patience and fewer regrets.  Watching my son's concentrated face that twitched in agony over a sour note, but exploded in pride at the conclusion of his song, I realized when I pause to listen I hear so much more.



Speaking of hearing, the youngest quill needed homework help the other day.  He was charged with writing a PSA.  Fair warning, this will get stuck in your head, here is the example his teacher gave for what not to do.  [link].



The tune was so catchy I borrowed it for my own little Pad & Quill PSA


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Easy ways to buy, so many easy ways to buy easy ways to buy uy uy

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