Last month Apple announced the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. And while there were plenty of great new features including the 3 cameras, longer battery life and a new display system, one of the most exciting features was that the glass casing was supposed to be tougher than ever… even to the point of scratch resistance. However, a few weeks into sales, and reports have been trickling in of the phone scratching easier than any of its counterparts. We’ve collected the best ways to protect your iPhone 11 with a screen protector and wallet case so you can go back to focusing on how exactly to best use three cameras again.

The Not So Scratch Resistant iPhone 11 Max

Since the release of the iPhone 11 Max, everyone has been clamoring to get their hands on the newest tech from Apple. But within a few weeks, word broke out that the new and improved iPhone wasn’t all that it seemed. Reports included that scratches would appear almost like magic, with everything from keys to pockets causing marks on the glass that was designed to be scratch proof.

Frustration has begun to mount as a phone with a slew of amazing new features has started to show signs of wear and tear almost immediately. And replacement of the screens doesn’t come cheap.

The Humble Screen Protector

Screen protectors have always been a must for an iPhone. While your iPhone 6 from the mid 2000s may feel like it’s tough as nails, even micro scratches can cause lasting damage. Investing in a good screen protector not only helps your phone stay shiny and new but allows the display to be as crisp and clear as day 1.

Make sure to pick out a protector that fits your lifestyle. If your iPhone will spend most of its time in your pocket, bag or on your desk, a lighter cover can provide plenty of protection. However if your phone will be hiking mountains like you do, it’s best to invest in a tempered glass protector that provides an entire layer of thick protection.

The iPhone Wallet Case

Once you have a screen protector on your phone, the next important step to keep it scratch free, is a high quality case. A good case shouldn’t feel overly bulky, provide protection around the entire phone and wear with the device.

Wallet iPhone cases offer the best of both worlds. With simplicity in their design, they easily protect against outside forces, while still carrying your essentials. The Bella Fino for iPhone 11 Pro is a great fit for your iPhone 11 Max, with durable stitching, soft full grain leather and protection meant to keep your iPhone safe from all kinds of forces. With the addition of a screen protector, you know your phone will be in safe hands, even when it isn't in your own.

Protect Your Phone and Your Wallet

While the new iPhone 11 Max is the latest and greatest from Apple, it has flaws just like any other device. While being scratch prone is nothing new for iPhone users, it's something most iPhone owners wish they could do without. But by following these essential tips and tricks, there's no need to fear. Using a high quality screen protector and good iPhone wallet case are the first steps in keeping your phone looking like new until Apple releases their next line of upgrades. And with a full line of iPhone wallet cases from Pad & Quill, we'll help keep your iPhone safe and stylish along the way.