Procrastination Works

Well it does.  I mean, every time this technique is employed I generally feel fine.  That is not exactly how Mrs. PQ sees this.  As I mentioned in a post earlier, she is not one to mess around with the Holidays.  All gifts are ordered weeks ahead of time and even the fake names that are given to our children's presents, keeping them guessing as to which present is theirs, are executed far in advance.  Yet, that sinking feeling that there is only X amount of hours left in holiday shopping usually hits me around the 22nd of December.  That “feeling fine” attitude suddenly changes into slight, but controlled panic.


Mapping out the Target and mall parking strategies are engaged, overnight shipping options are considered and present acquisition is completed.  I've never failed to come up with something, although you might want to ask the little Quills how I've done.  I mean snuggle blankets are practical aren't they and a lot cheaper than iPads and iPods?  At least I know I have a hot lead on “five finger” discounts on iPad cases this year.  Maybe next year I'll plan...


What about you?  More the Mrs. PQ or Mr. PQ and what are the top 3 things that you procrastinate about?  Well if you’re in the market for a great handmade case for iPads, Kindles or other cool devices this year, we have you “covered”.  All orders in by the 20th at Noon (CST) will be delivered by the 24th through priority shipping!  I think that makes us enablers and we’re ok with that.


Mr. PQ