iPad Pro case

Last year Apple released the 11 and 12.9 inch iPad Pro to plenty of welcoming hands. And like the iPad Pro models before it, it came with a lightweight Smart Keyboard. Mimicking a computer with the ability to attach a keyboard while still having the touchscreen and lightweight travel compatibility, it was device for all kinds of tech enthusiasts. It is meant to be an iPad Pro Case, but... it's lacking in the case side of things. Let's just say it's about as protective as a football helmet for a quarterback.

It's shocking when looking on the market to see that Apple and case companies alike have yet to invent a protective and stylish case that pairs the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard together. While there are plenty of great, high quality iPad Pro cases on the market, they often don't let the keyboard be paired with them easily.

The Definition of an iPad Pro Case


When we are talking about a case, let’s be clear, it’s meant to be protective. From Webster’s dictionary:


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noun: case; plural noun: cases

1. a container designed to hold or protect something.        
“he placed the trumpet safely in its velvet-lined case"


The Smart Keyboard is supposed to be that case. With it's wraparound design, it's a lightweight multifunctional case. Unfortunately, anyone who owns a Smart Keyboard knows it's less case and more keyboard. While the design is an upgrade from the 2017 version, it still lacks the protection you need.

The thin design offers some protection from scratches, but does little in terms of drop protection. And the plastic design leaves much to be desired for, including something a little more elegant and professional. Overall, it's a great concept with a poorly executed design.

Are there cases that pair the iPad and Smart Keyboard together?


So what is one person to do? Unfortuatnely for now, it seems like no companies have jumped on the chance to create something with a bit more protection. If only there was a case the was lightweight, durable and offered full protection for both the Smart Keyboard and iPad Pro. It’s an open opportunity for a case company just waiting to be snapped up.

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