The Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5

When our little idea turned into a little company and we introduced the first handmade bindery case for the iPhone back in 2010 we knew that something very unique had just been invented.  A real wood case holding an iPhone that was wrapped with traditional book bindery techniques.  This had never been done and was warmly welcomed by our customers and the press.


Over the past two years we’ve updated the PQ shelf of Little Black Books with various changes and nice improvements. With the launch of iPhone 5 this year, we made a decision.  Set out to create a case that deserves a new bookshelf all to itself.  We introduce the Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5.  The best iPhone case we've ever crafted.

  • Thinner:  This is the thinnest case we’ve ever made.  We sourced a very unique baltic birch that allows our wood tray to be only 9.4 mm thick.  That means a 40% thinner case then our original!
  • Unique.  A case made with real baltic birch, finished to a gorgeous satin finish then covered in genuine leather.  Your iPhone just gained another talking point.
  • Leather.  Genuine, hand-stitched leather cover, custom designed by PQ to meet our high standards of quality.
  • Practical: This case does it all, with slips to hold your license, credit cards, and cash the LPB protects your iPhone in handmade glory.
  • Durable.  This one can handle a lot of abuse continuing to protect your iPhone.  Our strongest wood frame to date combined with soft leather offer excellent drop protection. (video coming soon)
  • Handmade?  You Betcha!
  • 30 Day Money Back Promise

Also check out the new Little Pocket Book for iPhone 4/4S and the Little Black Book for iPhone 5 as well.


We think your going to love these new cases for iPhone and our so thankful for your support of our local Minneapolis company!


Mr. and Mrs. PQ  (Brian and Kari)