Plastic Cases Happen

They meant well.  We all know that, but when you received that bejeweled iPad case, smiled and thanked your loved one. Right at that moment... know that Pad & Quill was thinking about you. We understand the guilt of being appreciative to the gift giver, but...not so much of the plastic iPad case. There is something about bright pink/black plastic and fake diamonds that just does not work with your design ethic.  Yet at the same time you are very appreciative of the giver and their efforts.  It's tough.

You will notice that at Pad & Quill we try to minimize the degree we use plastic material in our construction. When we set out to craft products we use some litmus tests to help us refine what we are about to produce. A couple of those include:

- Is the product largely constructed by hand, by passionate, well trained craftsmen?

- Is our product organic, sourced from natural elements and in keeping with good stewardship of our environment?

These two litmus tests do not leave much room for the bejeweled encrusted iPad case and that's why December 26th is a good day for you!  For one day, all of our iPad cases are 15% off and our most popular iPhone case, the Little Pocket Book is $10 off.

The motivation of the giver, that's always the best part of Christmas. With that said, we hope you like our gift to you for December 26th!