Pink and Proud

I was not trying to be discriminatory, but pink was just not my first thought for an interior color for any of our products whether it be iPad cases or iPhone cases.  Well that was not how many of our customers see Pink, not to mention many members of our staff.  With exception of one person: Mrs. PQ.  She is not a pink player. If you really want to get on her tomboy nerves, you give her a pink running top or iPhone case.  I assure you, it's just not her thing.


Regardless of Mrs. PQ's preferences, we all here at PQ came to the conclusion that introducing Pink right before Valentine’s Day seemed perfect.  You know who you pink people are and your significant others absolutely know who you are. The new Little Black Book with Pink interior looks awesome and will make that statement that you’re pink and proud!


We are very excited to introduce our 2 newest colors for the Little Black Book for iPhone 4 and 4S.  Pink and Eggplant now join our other 5 colors to provide you many options for yourself or as a great gift for this February in the season of love.  Yep, I just said 'Season of Love'.  Oh well, apparently all these Pink cases in the warehouse are starting to affect me.


-Mr. PQ