credit card wallet

Often the choices for a credit card wallet can feel overwhelming. Enter slim wallets as the modern take on the varied history of the billfold. A great leather wallet can stand the test of time and with new slim designs from Pad & Quill, the functionality of a slim credit card wallet continues to grow. We’ve highlighted the functions of three of our favorite styles of credit card wallets from Pad & Quill to help you decide which best suits your lifestyle.

The Original Slim Credit Card Wallet

credit card wallet

The Slim Credit Card Wallet is the perfect minimalist accessory for carrying your essentials on the go. With an ID window and easy access pocket, there's enough room for the basics. Whether you use an e-wallet or prefer to have to keep track of fewer cards, the slim credit card wallet does it all. It's the perfect leather wallet to slip in your pocket. Though small, it functions like a normal wallet while still allowing you to keep your essentials close by.

The Slim Front Pocket Wallet: Essentials On the Go

front pocket wallet

The Slim Front Pocket Wallet carries what you need while never bulking up an outfit. Carry a small amount of cash in the fold, a few credit cards, and your ID and never feel weighed down by its minimalist design. Utilize the pull tab to quickly access your cards. The slim wallet easily fits in your front pocket and leaves your hands free for any adventure.

The Slim Fold Wallet: A Classic Bi-Fold Revised

slim fold wallet

The Slim Fold Wallet is the slim wallet that can act like a classic bi-fold while packing down into a manageable size. It easily holds 5-8 cards and cash with an ID window to keep your license close at hand. From your morning coffee shop run to happy hour drinks in the evening, this leather wallet holds what you need with easy access when you need it. Carry your essentials but keep them from bulking up or overflowing with a sensible bi-fold. Looking for the wallet that can do it all? Then you've found it in the Slim Fold.

Finding A Perfect Multifunctional Credit Card Wallet

credit card wallet

 Find the perfect credit card wallet comes down to find the functionality that suits your needs. From the extra minimal credit card wallet to the more classic bi-fold, a wallet sets the standards of a wardrobe. Each Pad & Quill full-grain leather wallet is meant to last with a modern touch to separate it from your dad's wallet. With multifunctionality and minimalist style, a slim wallet adds a touch of style for the modern person while ruggedly standing the tests of time.

Bring home your credit card wallet from Pad & Quill today!