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When it comes to modern wallets, there are plenty of options for picking a perfect leather wallet. Wallets today find themselves in two camps. Classic wallets, with their perfect sizing and throwback, traditionally march right alongside the Modern wallets, meant to keep up with the explosion of technology, carrying less and keeping everything slim. Here at Pad & Quill, we’ve built a collection of wallets to satisfy both parties, while staying true to our favorite materials and craftsmanship. We've collected together perfect leather wallets for everyone, from the modernists to the traditionalist and you can find which one is perfect for you here!

Classic Wallets: Perfect Leather Wallets for Traditionalists

classic wallet

The Classic Wallet has its origins in the 1950s with the popular growth of a way to carry cards, cash, and checks. From there on, the classics have grown in popularity and usage. If you find yourself carrying plenty of cards and cash daily, the perfect leather wallet for you may just be found in the Classic Line. Traveling well and holding plenty, our Classic Wallets are a perfect throwback with a modern twist.

The Perfect Classic Slim Wallet

slim classic wallet

If you’re looking for a slim classic that can still carry your essentials, the Midtown Leather Wallet is for you. Its ultra slim feel with a classic cut is perfect for every occasion. The pull-tab slider lets you have easy access to your cards while the ID window makes getting that perfect martini a breeze. It’s the sort of card that gives you plenty of options with little hassle.

The Essential Bi-Fold Wallet

bi-fold leather wallet

The perfect wallet for everyday life, the bi-fold wallet is a classic that has traveled through time. The Journeyman Leather Wallet has the classic bi-fold style with ample pockets to carry everything you need. With its rounded corners, it fits neatly in your pocket while taking up the perfect amount of room. It’s the definition of class and a perfect piece for any wardrobe.

The Deluxe Wallet

deluxe bi-fold wallet

Need a wallet that can carry anything and everything? The Uptown Leather Wallet is the accessory of your dreams. With 10 pockets and a secure cash pocket, it’s got the brawn to carry everything you need while never looking too bulky. Its classic cut has a modern twist, making it never feel too bulky. Its durable full grain leather will hold up for years while getting compliments all the time.

Modern Wallets: The Perfect Leather Wallet for Modernists

modern leather wallet

With the advent of tech and the e-wallet, many modernists are looking for a simpler perfect leather wallet.  While the transition to e-wallets hasn’t always been smooth, the advent of thinner, modern wallets has seen a resurgence. Slim wallets, with their compact style, organize nicely while carrying the essentials for lives on the move.

Slim Front Pocket Wallet

slim front pocket wallet

The Slim Front Pocket Wallet is the perfect wallet for the techie who’s dreaming of the day they’ll be able to have everything imprinted on a chip in their arm instead. With it’s easy to use money-clip and pull tab, it compacts everything while carrying it with ease. It’s curved edges mean it can nestle into any pocket and travel everywhere.

Slim Credit Card Wallet

slim credit card wallet

The Slim Credit Card Wallet acts exactly as you’d expect. With enough space to carry 2-5 cards and cash, it’s a slim fit perfect for keeping your ID ready while traveling small. It’s a slim but easy-to-use wallet, meant for the essentials. You'll find it sits closely to you, while always being within reach for the perfect purchase.

Leather Slim Fold Wallet

leather slim fold wallet

The Leather Slim Fold Wallet hearkens back to the classic bi-fold, while still cutting down on size. It’s the best of both worlds with its ability to carry essential cards and cash while maintaining a tight cut so you won’t have to worry about it taking up space. With a front pull tab, it means easy access on the go. Like Mary Poppins bag, this little wallet fits more than you think, while still maintaining it’s modern design.

Finding Your Style and Picking the Perfect Leather Wallet

perfect leather wallet

So maybe you like to mix your Sinatra vinyl with your new MacBook. You love the new 'Star Wars' franchise and 'Singin' In the Rain'. At Pad & Quill, we love the marriage of old and new. From our traditional book-binding techniques to our products designed for the newest tech, getting to mix the classic and modern together is our constant goal. In designing wallets, we've brought these same goals to the forefront. With each wallet, there's something new for everyone, while still hearkening back to the classic, original designs built by leathermakers years ago.

Bring home the perfect leather wallet from Pad & Quill today!