For whatever reason, in spite of the overall square footage of the PQ house, our entire lives seem to be lived in about 200 square feet of living space, aka the kitchen and den. It’s no wonder then that Mr. and Mrs. PQ feel the somewhat frequent urge to rent a hotel room for the night. Twenty-six years of marriage has taught us that sometimes you’ve got to go crazy. First, the fact that we view a night in a hotel as “crazy” is a bit disconcerting, however, the fact that we still want to get away together generally outweighs any consternation.

A few weeks ago, when the Minnesota Summer was actually trying to kill us with heat and humidity, Mr. PQ and I escaped for a “crazy” night away. As these events tend to be very spontaneous, and, as we were working through the logistics of being down one car with 5 drivers going 500 directions at once, I didn’t think much about packing. Until it was time to rush out the door.

Hand to Bible, heart to God I swear, neither of us could find an overnight bag, and here is where things went south fast. Mr. PQ did the appallingly decent thing of emptying his broken down, nylon, Ironman gym bag and shoved a few items inside. I, on the other hand, took the high road and grabbed a paper bag from our local co-op, looking to repurpose this former tree.

As it was, having used an online mega-compiler we managed to book a 4-star room on a 2-star budget. I imagine you can see where this is going.

Mr. PQ presides at the helm of a luxury leather goods company that happens to craft beautiful wax canvas and leather backpacks for such overnight excursions.

Mr. PQ has compelled Mrs. PQ to shoot hundreds of hours of video modeling said bags (see featured image).

Mrs. PQ is a bit of a red neck pragmatist.

How in the name of all that is right could we possibly be reduced to carrying a paper bag and a stinky gym duffel into a white glove, albeit very temporary domicile? We have armloads of samples and prototypes to choose from, for goodness sake. It should be noted that, as a rule, we pretty much never pull from our inventory for personal use as that would pretty much suck for an erstwhile customer seeking a similar bag.

Suffice to say, a line of luxury leather travel gear is now on the drawing boards, Mr. PQ graciously toted my paper bag into the hotel and the rest, well, that’s our crazy business.