best iPad Pro 10.5 cases

The new iPad Pro 10.5 is a very welcome addition to the iPad Pro family. The new larger screen and deeper integration with the Apple Pencil make it a powerhouse of productivity. Of course, Pad & Quill has its roots in the iPad. Our very first cases ever were for the original iPad back in 2010. Therefore we are proud to show off 3 new artisan-made iPad Pro Cases that enhance and compliment the new 10.5 tablet luxuriously.

The Leather Oxford iPad Pro Case

leather iPad Pro 10.5 case

Our Oxford case is our most popular iPad case ever, and for good reason. To construct it, we found some of the world's best full grain leather along with some of the best leather artisans in the world. Generations of experience go into every single iPad Pro case we make.

A single piece of full-grain leather adorns the outside of the Oxford case. This leather is designed to age with use and take on a patina that is as unique and special as our customers. We use one piece of leather on the outside, not only because it looks better, but also because that makes it more durable too with fewer seams that can wear out. It may be more expensive for us to produce, but the tradeoff is well worth it.

10.5 iPad Pro leather case

Inside this iPad Pro 10.5 case, we have a beautiful black top grain leather with a folded edge that looks professional and refined. It is also super soft in the hands and provides a good amount of grip when you fold the cover back. A single flat pocket makes for convenient storage of necessary papers.

The iPad attaches to the case with our specially developed 3M clean-releasing adhesive. This adhesive is used by thousands of customers and gets rave reviews. It locks the iPad in place and never lets go, until you want it to. You can attach and remove the iPad hundreds of times without loosing any adhesive strength and never having to worry about residue. This allows the Oxford Leather iPad Pro 10.5 case to be as thin as possible. The iPad is still protected too because it sits well within the borders of the case, so small drops and bumps won't touch the tablet.

leather case for iPad Pro 10.5

This case also doubles as a self-propping stand for professional presentations or catching up on your favorite show. It is held together with parachute grade stitching that is UV resistant and won't wear out. In fact, we are so confident of this we have given the case a 25-year leather warranty! Beautiful in any setting, the whole package is completed with a Moleskine style heavy elastic strap closure and our trademark orange finishing stitch for a splash of color.


The Contega Linen 10.5 iPad Pro Case

wood iPad Pro 10.5 case

True to our roots, we have designed the Contega Linen to look and act just like a hardbound book. Made right here in Minneapolis, St. Paul at our local book bindery, the Contega Linen uses age-old traditional bookmaking techniques for amazingly beautiful results.

The outside of the case is wrapped in Buckram Linen cloth. This is the most durable and strongest material you can use when binding books, in fact, it is the same material that is used on many national treasures in the Library of Congress. A delight to the senses, when you get this case be sure to smell it. It will smell and feel just like a high-quality hardbound book... because it is!

book case for iPad Pro 10.5

The iPad sits safely cradled inside a precision milled Baltic Birch wooden frame. This Birchwood is specially selected to be furniture grade, cut to within 1/1000th of an inch tolerance, and then hand-sanded and hand-finished with a high-quality lacquer finish. Not only does this provide protection for the iPad, it also acts like an old-world cloaking device. The Contega iPad Pro case looks just like a journal or hardbound book and practically disappears in a bag or on the bookshelf.

10.5 iPad Pro wooden case

Of course, we couldn't just stop there, the case also opens up into a multi-angle self-propping stand. The material that lines the inside of the cover is specially formulated for maximum friction and grippiness when you hold it or stand the iPad Pro up. All of this is closed with our signature heavy elastic strap for a beautifully unique linen and wood iPad Pro Case.


Contega Thin iPad Pro 10.5 Case

iPad Pro 10.5 Thin Case

For those who love the look and feel of a hardbound book but don't want the bulk and protection of a wooden frame, we have made this Contega Thin Case for iPad Pro 10.5. Utilizing the same amazing Buckram Linen cloth and same book binding techniques, this case is made at our local book bindery by trained artisans who have generations of experience under their collective belts.

slim case for iPad Pro 10.5

The iPad attaches to this case just like the Oxford with our specially developed 3M adhesive that locks the iPad down and keeps it there until you want to remove it. Good for hundreds of uses and completely residue free, thousands of our customers use and love this feature. The iPad sits within the edges of this thin book case, even though there is no wood frame, it is still protected from drops and damage.

thin case iPad Pro 10.5

The Contega Thin iPad case looks fantastic and ages with use gorgeously. It will tell your story and quickly begins to feel like your favorite hardbound book with plenty of personality. Of course, like all our other iPad Pro cases, a heavy duty Molsekine style elastic strap keeps it closed.