The Weekend Trip: How to Pack Your Duffel Bag Efficiently

Short trips, from a quick business trip to seal in new investors or a weekend away camping, calls for packing the essentials. The duffel bag (often called "the weekender") is the perfect choice for fitting everything you need and can easily be paired with a suitcase or stand alone. Read on to see how to best pack your bag from a work weekend to weekend away.

The Work Weekend Bagleather laptop bag

A work trip requires packing for meetings, quick travel and being able to change direction on a dime. When packing a work trip laptop bag, make sure to utilize the compartments, pockets and unique storage space to your advantage. A leather laptop duffel bag can be a great companion for every aspect of your work needs.

Be sure to use the pockets to store extra charging cables, HDMI converters, a spare notebook and some business cards for every connection you may make. A leather laptop bag should be lightweight but roomy enough to carry your business essentials that you need quick access to. Instead of digging through a suitcase, a leather duffel lets you grab and go as you need. Minimize digging around and keep your most important items in external pockets or on the top of the bag,

The Gladstone Duffel is the essential leather laptop bag that can carry everything you may need from business cards to a Dopp kit to help you freshen up before the big meeting. With sizable interior bucket space, interior and exterior pockets and durable genuine leather, its the perfect bag for work travels.

The Weekend Away Bag

men's leather duffel bag

Weekend trips are a chance to let loose and let the road take you where it may. When a trip is upcoming the last thing you want to do is worry about how to carry everything. Weekend trips call for simplicity and smarts when packing. A leather duffel bag or "weekender" bag is the perfect partner in crime.

Pack smart when going on a trip. No one wants to be that "guy" with 3 large bags, a beach tote and a briefcase. Instead pick out a leather duffel bag, pack heavy items first. Make sure to roll your clothes, and put a spare pair of shoes in at the bottom. From there, play a simple game of Jenga, to fit the other pieces in. You'll be amazed how much can fit in one little bag when you fill in the spaces.

Use the large open duffel space of the Heritage Leather Duffel bag to fit everything you need without having to compromise about how many pairs of socks to bring. A lightweight and durable leather duffel bag meant to hold the essentials. Whether that be a flannel, drone or good book to cozy up with.

Leather Bags Meant to Go Where You Do

men's leather duffel bag

Your travels shouldn't be hampered by your carry ons. A lightweight durable duffel that can travel where you go is an essential along the road.   More questions on how to pack? National Geographic has your back, here. And whether you need a leather laptop bag or weekender, Pad & Quill has your back, with artisan gear, meant to go with you.

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