After word leaked about Apple's new HomePod leaving behind rings and staining our favorite desks and tables, PQ got right to workshopping solutions.Who knew Siri decided to DIY her own crop circles? You can find our favorite solution to #ringgate plus some that are just hilariously out there.

HomePod Coasterbest homepod coaster

Pioneering tech needs equally innovative accessories. We designed our HomePod Coaster right here in Minneapolis and sent it to be made by our adept artisans in Whiskey, Chestnut, and Galloper Black. It's a welcome addition to our Leather Desk series and this little coaster is small but fierce; protecting your desk from any unwanted marks. It's minimalist in profile but maximalist in the protection it provides.

Wooden HomePod Coasterhomepod rings

RustikChicCo makes some lovely wooden coasters, and they'd be a great home base for your HomePod. You'll keep up your leather and wood aesthetic, plus, you'll even have a couple left over for beverages.

HomePod Socks

homepod funny

Twitter user: @JohnnyIveParody frequently makes fun of all things Apple, but outdid himself on this one. It's surprisingly functional, and can even make your HomePod nice and cozy. It's sweater weather, even for your tech... apparently.

Utilize Your Old Tech


Sadly, ur burning a CD from Napster for your crush days are over. However, we've still got a few of these stragglers lying around. No worries though, dust off that disc set and slide it under your HomePod for some protection. Bonus points: if you use Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, because it'll be most excellent.

Do you have any great HomePod Solutions? Please let us know in the comments below. The sillier, the better. We love to laugh here at PQ.