Not Sherlock, Sure-Lock.


These days it’s good to be a Holmes. We have so many new things going on here at Pad & Quill we are scrambling to cross our “t”s and dot our “i”s. Thank goodness for the SIRI “remind me” function. Take for instance our new Sure-Lock technology, featured in our iPad 3 Octavo design, which offers incomparable restraint while your iPad 3 is housed in the Octavo, but releases with ease. Mr. PQ assured Mrs. PQ that using the term “technology” will seem like a stretch to Apple geeks, but Mrs. PQ thought the whole 3D imaging, injection molding process was pretty amazing and thinks the mechanical engineers will agree with calling it technology.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud of our new Luxury Line of genuine leather cases for iPhone and iPad. Bound in soft stitched leather, the Little Luxury Book for iPhone 4/4s and Octavo Luxury Case for iPad 3 invite your senses to enjoy the fragrance, feel and appeal of leather, while offering our classic camera porthole (indispensible for that new 5mp camera!), signature bookmark and moleskin disguise.
If a whole new line of bookbindery cases wasn’t enough, we are now carrying accessories from Zagg, Blue Lounge and Earjax. Pad & Quill is now your one-stop shopping location for Apple accessories.
-Mrs. PQ