The new iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 are the most powerful, advanced iPads ever. Their all-screen display, magnetic pairing with the Apple Pencil, and the lightning-fast A12X Bionic Chip. They're incredibly competent. How do you know if you're unlocking their full potential?

What are the best features of the iPad Pro?

leather ipad pro 12.9 case

2018 was the redefining moment in tablets. Both the interface and external body of the iPad Pro got a complete overhaul. Let's start out with the Liquid Retina display. It's gorgeous and pushes the boundaries of mobile color accuracy. Also, the display is edge-to-edge, complete with FaceID. The Pros introduced portrait and landscape mode FaceID, the first Apple device to support both orientations.

The iPad Pro saw massive improvements, even in the minute details. The Apple Pencil, the Pros' best companion, got a makeover. It now magnetically pairs and charges. Switching tools is a breeze now, just double tap! Not to be outpaced, the classic Keyboard Folio also got upgraded. It magnetically adheres to the back of the iPad and is more case-like than previous iterations. However, it's a bit clunky, and we still prefer pairing a leather iPad Pro case with the Magic Keyboard much more.

The speakers, microphone, storage, and camera are leagues ahead of their predecessors. Both sizes are available in up to a 1TB of storage. With beefed up storage, comes beefed up RAM. They also support gigabit-class LTE. The Pro can connect to dual-band wifi, making browsing a breeze. Even the charger got a refresh, new 18-watt chargers are now standard with the Pro. Apple is taking a step in a new direction and supporting faster USB-C charging on their new Pros. Thanks to that USB-C, we can now output 4k video right from our Pros.

How to use split-screen on iPad Pro

Multi-tasking is a dream on the iPad and a key feature is the split-screen capability. Open an app, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen, open the other app, and slide it over. You can add a third screen by dragging the third app into the screen divider.

Can the iPad Pro replace my MacBook?

That is the ultimate question facing the tablet market right now. The answer isn't as cut and dry as one might hope. It is completely dependent on your workload. If you're looking to replace your laptop and just need a Netflix box to watch movies on, then yes. The Pros can tackle light to medium workloads, no problem. Things like drawing, note-taking, script writing or even photo editing are perfectly suited for the iPad Pros.

If you're looking to edit video or audio, you may want to opt for a laptop. iOS 12 and A12X Chip make an incredibly powerful team but have odd limitations. They're faster than most PC laptops, but the apps and systems to perform heavy workloads aren't quite there. You may want to hold off until we see what iOS 13 has in store. We're expecting to see unbridled software and apps along with a streamlined home screen.

Can You Use Photoshop on iPad Pro?

is photoshop on ipad pro good?

Yes!  The Verge has a great, in-depth take on Adobe's transition from a desktop app to a workflow system. This shift has helped many people make the switch from MacBook to iPad Pro. Freelance artists, in particular, are able to be even more flexible with time and location. It's about time for the iPad to support their incredible work. The iPad Pro and Pencil are perfectly suited for the tasks in Photoshop.

Also, this transition is indicative of greater things to come. We know that iOS apps are heading to desktop in iOS13. However, now we know that road goes both ways. Adobe's announcement indicates that the door is open for desktop apps to come to our mobile devices. Apple also announced they're working on building a common framework into all of their apps, to provide for cross-platform sharing. This is where Apple is heading this year. Whether you're in the office, at home on the couch, or even on a plane, you should have access to familiar software. This maiden voyage with Adobe will open up a new avenue for the iPad Pro and unlock Apple's future.

How to protect iPad Pro

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There are two crucial steps in ensuring your investment lasts. First, get AppleCare+ before you even leave the store. The upfront cost might seem steep, but with AppleCare, you also get peace of mind. Without it, you may have to pay for repairs ala carte or replace the entire unit.

Then, get yourself a protective case! Your iPad Pro can do so much, why limit yourself with a lousy case? The right case is versatile and supports all of the features available. We specifically designed the Oxford to be compatible with the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil 2. Check out the most professional leather iPad cases out there!

Common 2018 iPad Pro Questions

Does Magic Mouse work with iPad Pro?

-It does not. There is no on-screen cursor for the mouse to control. Also, the iPad Pro is built to receive haptic feedback, not point and click input. Instead of the Magic Mouse, we'd suggest getting the Apple Pencil 2. It provides more precise input and acts as a mouse of sorts, perfect for fine details like photo-editing.

Can I print from iPad Pro?

-Absolutely. Make sure your iPad Pro and wireless printer are connected to the same Wifi signal. After that, pull up the document or picture you want to print. Then, tap the screen so that the toolbox drops down, tap the "Share" button, then scroll left until you see the "Print" option. Select your options and amount of pages then print away!

Can I charge iPad Pro with the iPhone charger?

-Unfortunately, no you cannot. The iPhones utilize a lightning cable while the new Pros use USB-C charging. You can use the same brick, but the cord itself needs to be changed out depending on which device you're using. Two separate chargers, EarPod adapters, business cards, and Apple Watch can become a crowded tangled mess in no time. Our solution to corral all your tech gear is our Pro Travel Cord Organizer.

Can I use Word on the iPad Pro?

-Yes! We're thrilled to see tech giants like Adobe and Microsoft branch out and support Pro apps. You'll need to set up and pay for an Office 365 account for iPad Pro in order to edit and create documents. Another option is Google Drive. It's free, cloud-based storage from Google. It's pretty seamless, performs as well as the Microsoft Office does on the iPad.

How much RAM is in iPad Pro?

-That depends on the amount of storage on the iPad, not the size of the tablet itself. Meaning, the Pro 11 and Pro 12.9 have the same RAM capabilities. For their 64, 256, and 512GB sizes, there is 4 gigs of RAM. 1TB of storage comes with 6 gigs of RAM.

Do all of the iPad models use the same SIM card?

-The Pros share the same eSim card, yes. However, all other iPads use a physical Sim card.

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