“Mom do you know if even one kid brings a phone into an AP testing site the entire room of tests are voided?”


Our oldest son is preparing to take his first AP Exam, Human World Geography, and as per usual, in studying with him, I know a great deal more about things like gentrification and dairy circles then I used to know.  Taking your third and fourth trip through high school teaches you a thing or two.


Much like taking a trip through a business start up.


You learn the good ways to coax all of the beauty and functionality from a product imaginable, and you learn the bad ways; I’ve got a basement full of prototypes and discarded blueprints.


There are good ways to manage a supply chain and an inventory system and there are not so good ways.  What am I supposed to do with 497 Octavo frames with no left rail?  (Hint:  stacked alternately they make great nesting sites for mice in the winter.  Thank goodness those were stored in the garage.)


There are good and bad ways to convey to the public how you care about your customers, your products, and your employees who have become like family.  (I honestly don’t think anyone cares that I will retweet pretty much anything coming out of Alton Brown’s mouth.)


In our endeavor to convey all of this to you, we lost our way a bit, but we never lost our commitment to craft amazing things, to be inspired by nature and innovation, and to bring you amazing products from our workspace to yours.


Kind of like Prom, state qualifying long jumps and epic tennis matches all rolled into one, there are exciting changes afoot at Pad and Quill, and we can’t wait to share them with you.


Mrs. PQ


Here's a hint of what we are working on.

New Textures...