Production was whistling along here at P&Q world headquarters with the flurry of post holiday purchasing by our great customers.  With a double shift in place, it’s quite cozy in the shipping department in spite of single digit temps outside, however, we still rely on space heaters to keep fingers nimble.  Of course, us folks in the back offices housing Customer Service and Human Relations prefer the cut off glove approach, but that’s largely due to Mrs. Quill fancying herself as a scrivener, scratching away in a corner with her quills and abacus.  So, when the power went out mid day, leaving the warehouse dark, and the cold encroaching rapidly, Mrs. PQ sprung to action with an ample supply of candles and an offer to grab one of several cook stoves ferreted away in her “emergency road kit”, so employees could heat their lunches.  However, once the trusty Will and Mr. PQ had ensured all computers against surge destruction, they gathered the troops for an early lunch at Chipotle.  



Crestfallen at the loss of an impromptu winter picnic, Mrs. PQ had to be assuaged by a trip to the local hardware store to purchase flash lights and lanterns to light the shipping department for the balance of the afternoon.  Productivity resumed, and alas within hours, electrical power returned to service, candles and flashlights were extinguished and hot spots were exchanged for WiFi.  All was back to normal, except for Mrs. PQ who spent 10 minutes in a frustrated grumble towards her computer, she hates when the “on” button doesn’t work.  But it’s not her computer’s fault.  For no matter how intuitive or brilliant Apple products are, there’s not much they can do to overcome user error when the user doesn’t know that surge protection=unplug the iMac.