best iphone xs casesProtecting your iPhone is protecting your investment. We gathered the best materials to make heavy-duty, rough and tumble cases that are svelte and timeless. We have an entire lineup of protective cases for the iPhone XS and XS Max. All of them are up for pre-order now and many of which are shipping out today.

Most Protective Leather Bumper Case for the iPhone XS and XS Max

full-grain protective iphone caseThis case was inspired by legacy. The legacy parents give to their children, and the legacy we have here at Pad and Quill. We blended the lessons of generosity that are passed down and our reputation for creating beautiful and durable to make the Traveler. The Traveler conforms to the curves of the iPhone and only adds 2 millimeters. The full-grain leather absorbs impacts and durable nylon stitching lend itself to providing a huge amount of rugged protection and it is the best all-leather protective iPhone XS case and leather iPhone XS Max protective case.

Protective Luxury Leather and Wood Case for the iPhone XS Max

best cases for iphone xs max

This our most luxurious iPhone XS Max protective case. It leaves your old, clunky wallet in the dust, and provides full screen and edge protection for your device. The iPhone itself is cradled in our Baltic Birch wooden frame that is designed to absorb impacts and distribute shocks away from the phone to help buffer any falls, bumps, or scrapes. In fact, it has a lifetime warranty so if something happens to your wood frame, we are happy to get it fixed up. The screen is protected a full-grain leather cover that also holds up to 8 cards and the marine-grade stitching keeps everything in its place for good. The exterior is durable full-grain leather held closed with a secure moleskine style elastic strap, providing a delightful sensory experience while honoring the exquisite nature of the iPhone XS Max.

The Strongest and Most Protective Wood Case for the iPhone XS

minimalist iphone xs case

The Woodline is made for the minimalists who need maximum protection with a sleek design. This case bolsters a Kevlar core and is still less than a millimeter thick. Our wooden case is so slim, yet so strong. In fact, it is 5 times stronger than steel, at the same weight. Once our artisans ensure it is perfection, they add their initials to the very inside of the case. It is the pinnacle of ultra-protective and ultra-slim iPhone XS cases.

The Most Protective and Slim iPhone XS Max Wallet Case

crafted iphone xs max casesOur leather wallet case for the iPhone XS Max is sleek and refined. We partnered with 3M adhesive, right here in Minnesota, to create the ultimate adhesive for the iPhone XS Max. The adhesive latches onto the glass-backed iPhone and secures it into place. Our adhesive is also reusable and resistant to temperatures upwards of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The intricately french-hemmed stitching adds an air of subdued sophistication, and, when paired with a touch of rugged refinement from the bridle leather exterior, provides a landmark look for a landmark device. For added screen and edge protection we include a oil-rubbed snap-on case for those that appreciate the extra security while in the Bella Fino.

wooden cases for the iphone xsThe Timberline gives the iPhone a hint of natural beauty and warmth. Each case is different, handcrafted by Mother Nature, then our artisans. They take each FCS certified slice of wood and reinforce it with a polycarbonate shell. Then, they use a matte oil-rub along the sides to provide a smooth finish that provides grip along the sides. That way, you can feel confident in your strong and slim iPhone XS case.


The Most Protective Handcrafted iPhone XS Case

handmade iphone cases

We craft our own stories every day, why not craft our iPhone cases too? The Heritage Luxury Pocket Book for iPhone XS gives you the power to imbue your case with your own story. The veg-tanned leather makes it an excellent everyday carry item, and you get to decide the precise color and look it'll present to the world. With a bit of balm (included) and some sun, you get to hone your story. Plus, the slate gray interior ensures your device will look cohesive with all stages of patina.


1. Will my iPhone X fit into the XS case?

-We are happy to report that it will! The inverse is also true. The iPhone XS has a slightly larger screen, but the bodies of the devices are the same.

2. Will my iPhone XS Max fit into an iPhone 8 Plus case?

-Unfortunately, no. Apple changed up the design between those two generations. All around, the iPhone XS Max's footprint is smaller, even though it has the larger screen between the two.

3. How Do I Protect My New iPhone XS?

-We all want our investments to last. Here at Pad and Quill, we'd suggest picking up one of our cases, signing up for Apple Care, and even getting a tempered glass screen protector. Those three steps will ensure your iPhone stays in like-new condition for as long as possible.

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