Mom, I want your iPhone 6S

“Mom, can I see your phone?”
“Mom, how is your iPhone?”

Normally when one of my kids wants my iPhone it is either to play a video game that requires a larger screen like the iPhone 6S or it is because they want to enact some treachery on their technology deficient mother, like planting “shortcut” bombs into my keyboard or switching the home screen to something unseemly.

However, with the pending arrival of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, two fortunate Quills are getting an upgrade as the release of each new Apple model generates a succession of hand me downs that rivals the excitement of opening day for Star Wars,The Force Awakens. Oh, who am I kidding? Mr. PQ will have us lining up for the midnight of the midnight showing in December.

The fortunate kiddo who inherits my iPhone 6 is diligently insuring that it is well tended. Dear, it’s been in a Luxury Pocketbook since day 1, and it is in immaculate condition, except for the fact that it replaces the word “four” with a naughty word every time I type it, but I’ll leave you to figure that out.

While we await Star Wars and the new Apple Tv to arrive in stores, we have iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases to make ready. Our design team has been busy crafting new cases and reengineering old ones and we are pretty darn thrilled with what has evolved.

The Traveler for iPhone 6/6 Plus and for iPhone 6s/6 (you have no idea how nice it is that the “S” models keep their original body) takes all the great features of our original bumper case, and rolls them into a rugged, clean-cut case that defies drops, and drags (but not drips-it isn’t quite otter proof).

Sadly, none of our cases are water-bottle proof as Mr. PQ discovered last week when he left his iPhone 6 Plus on the seat with a open squirt top, it slowly dripped the life out of his phone; this made for an anguished heir until we discovered Dad had Apple Care. #abrandnewphoneareyoukiddingme?!

On the Customer Service front, we would like to announce that all of our gorgeous leather wallet and sleeve style cases will accommodate an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. Did I mention how happy we are the dimensional specs didn’t change?

So, after you finish mentally downloading and sorting the span of data from Apple Event, pop over to the Pad & Quill store and commence accessorizing. For all you hand me down-ees, nothing says brand freakin “new” like a gorgeous Pad & Quill iPhone case, so live it up with some coupon love from Mrs. PQ. (can we have a #youngersibling coupon for 10% off iPhone 6/6P inheritors?)

For 10% off any order, Coupon Code: MOMS6


Mrs PQ