No mere reed in the wind

Some thoughts from Mrs PQ.


"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken by the wind."

-Johannes Brahms


So, here we've arrived at the end of the 3rd year of our little family company.  Even now it's hard to discern if the inspiration drives the craftsmanship or the craftsmanship drives the inspiration.  Brahms saw his inspiration flowing down as ideas from God that he would see take shape in his mind as harmonies and orchestration.  He then put Quill to parchment and penned some of the most beautiful scores of all time.


At Pad & Quill we are surrounded by inspiration that comes from multiple angles.  Whether it be the beauty of the Baltic Birch and leather we use in our iPad and iPhone cases or the dedicated and diligent work of our employees, or the hours our vendors invest in crafting a prototype for a new product. Our teams and our resources directed with tremendous heart and soul bring our products to you, our customers, who are busy crafting their own masterpiece.  So from our workshop to you, here's to another productive year and CHEERS!