Trends can come and go, but a true, rugged gentleman's wardrobe is here to stay. While remaining constant, a man's closet ought to reflect his intrepid spirit and classic taste. He might incorporate modern styles, but he is certainly not getting a whole new wardrobe every fashion season. So, to get him on the right track, we've taken our top 6 essentials for the rugged gentleman:

Leather Wallets for Men

leather wallets for men

First of all, every man needs a reliable, handsome leather wallet. It's used day in, day out. Simply put, a wallet can make or break your look. You can be dressed in the finest tux, but that ratty cloth wallet from college can completely undo all the effort you put in. When shopping for a great wallet, keep an eye out for excellent craftmanship and high-quality leather. There are many kinds of wallets, our article on finding the best wallet breaks down all the different types. Above all, though, the rugged gentleman should have a wallet he's proud to pull out when the check comes.

A Quality iPhone Case

wood cases for iphone

Listen, a naked iPhone seems to be all the rage, but a dinged and scratched iPhone isn't. Although it's become quite popular over the years, we're not really a fan of this trend. A cracked, grubby iPhone is rugged, sure, but neither refined or gentlemanly. So, to get around this, we made the Woodline. It maintains the sleek curves of the iPhone but protects it elegantly and with a touch of warmth. In fact, our entire lineup of protective iPhone cases includes cases made of wood and full-grain leather - and sometimes a combination of both! Every iPhone case we make is protective, natural, and refined, each one is a fantastic option.

Refined Neckties

Any rugged gentleman worth his salt will have at least a couple ties in his wardrobe. Even if it's not a daily requirement, they're important to have. Also, even more importantly, having just a few ties that you like will save you any last-minute scrambling just before an event. Make sure to set aside some time to find some ties you actually like. A rugged gentleman takes pride in everything he wears, and you'll be happy you took the time to fit the part. In particular, we like Proper Cloth's handmade ties, designed with care and with the rugged gentleman in mind. By the way, it is totally okay if you don't know how to tie a necktie. Check out our entire article on how to tie a Windsor Knot!

A Leather Bag for Men

briefcases for men

Whether heading into the office, to a gym session, a weekend camping trip, or to the pub - a rugged gentleman has places to be and things to take with him. The rugged gentleman needs a well-made bag that can keep up with the rigors of his life. This essential can be hard to choose, so let your individual lifestyle the way. Do you travel a lot? Are you a scholar? A businessman? A bit of consideration and time will make sure you end up with the right style of bag. Now, what about the material. Do you need a rugged leather? Or how about a softer canvas that's been reinforced at key stress points? Our curated collection of men's bags and our guide for how to find the right bag are fantastic resources to inform your search.

 A Leather Dopp Kit for Men

leather dopp kit

This one is a bit of a bonus, reserved for those that need one or are just overachievers. However, a rugged gentleman knows how to care for himself and others. And he knows he needs a leather Dopp kit to do it. He also knows that he needs things on hand like a good razor, some first aid supplies, and other grooming essentials. The best travel accessories are rugged (of course), lined with waterproof material, and are well crafted. Our leather Dopp kit is a great place to start because it fits the ideal niche and serves its role with grace.

A Rugged Gentleman's Wardrobe

leather bags for men

As with anything, a rugged gentleman will have to endeavor to find the true treasures of the fashion world. Combine that with some grit to wear and care for your new items, you'll make the style all your own. No one can quite wear it like you, and here at Pad and Quill our aim is to make the very best leather goods for all kinds of rugged gentleman. Check out our entire array of men's fashion essentials today!