leather roll top backpack and leather tote bag

We are proud to introduce Pad & Quill’s latest additions to our leather bag lineup: the Roll-Top Backpack and the Leather Tote Bag. Adhering closely to our core design principles of superb craftsmanship with unfettered fashion, the bags are stylish, functional, and iconic. Our roll top backpack is a ruggedly charming leather laptop backpack that harkens the James Dean in us all. While the leather tote bag features a refined and classic look that looks straight out of Mad Men.

Meet The Roll-Top Backpack

leather roll top laptop backpackThe Roll-top leather backpack is a rebel with a cause. The heritage inspired design will transcend the decades, and the weatherproof roll-top closure will protect your 15” laptop, iPad pro, camera, and all your other gear without a hiccup. Sport it in the office, take it on a hike, on a crowded subway, or on your motorcycle. Anywhere you go, it’s got your back. Literally.

rolltop leather laptop backpackThe full-grain saddle leather is tumbled supple-soft so it looks and feels as effortless as a tailored white t-shirt on jeans on the Rebel himself. Our extra strong parachute grade nylon stitching holds this leather bag together famously and won't degrade over time. There’s even a quick side-access zippered pocket where you can quickly grab your gear on the go.

leather rolling top backpackInside is a spacious bucket with expandable room for lots of gear. We've left the bag unlined to show off the quality of the fully tanned saddle leather and ensure that this backpack will last for decades. You will, however, find a perfect pocket for up to a 15" laptop or iPad Pro, as well as an additional zippered pocket to stash your phone and other small items.

leather backpackThe rolling top adds just the right amount of softness to offset the hardness of the hand-pounded copper rivets. The backpack looks equally at home slung over your flannel-covered shoulder on a hike as it does accompanying your trendy vest and bowtie for work. We can’t wait to see where you take it.

Check out the Pad & Quill Leather Roll Top Backpack here


Meet The Leather Tote Bag

leather tote bag and laptop purseOur leather tote bag is the first Pad and Quill product designed exclusively for women. Like so many leading ladies in this world, it is iconic, beautiful, versatile, and timeless. This tote will become a signature piece in any wardrobe, much like Audrey’s gloves or Jackie’s sunglasses. As with all our products, this bag features a classic style that will endure the changing tides.

brown-Luxury-laptop-purseThe soft tumbled American full-grain leather beautifully showcases the curves of the bag. Don't let the slim profile of this tote purse fool you, you can fit that perfect jacket and scarf, your lunch, and whatever else you’d like to squeeze in there. Store your water bottle in the secure leather snap-closed loop, confident that it isn't going anywhere.

brown-Leather-laptop-purseThe large zippered interior pocket acts as a catchall for your phone, loose coins, lip balm and whatever other small items are usually kicking around in the bottom of you bag. With a secure zippered top, you can be sure that nothing will roll out unexpectedly. As Mrs. PQ’s favorite feature, the tote zips shut to keep her belongings inside, but when she wants an easy-to-access open bag, the zippered flaps button down to the interior of the bag and stay out of her way.

brown-Leather-laptop-bag-for-workOur ultra comfortable and easy to reach handles are such a high-quality leather you won’t ever have to worry about the straps cracking, stretching, or breaking. Pad & Quill is all about usability, so this is not just a tote, it's also an iPad Pro bag, a laptop tote, or an overnight bag, a beach bag, and more, making the main feature of this purse its versatility.

Check out the Pad & Quill Leather Tote Bag here