Your bag makes a statement, what do you want to say with it? If you're wanting to tell the world you cherish kindness over coldness, quality over quantity, and hard work above all else;  we made this bag for you. It's you we had in mind when we set out to design the Luxury Briefcase, a classic silhouette that will keep pace with modern needs. Durable, artisan-made, and chock full of storage, our resulting design will carry over from work to play with grace.

This bag is the essence of understated quality. It's meant to travel from the boardroom to the dock without any fuss. In fact, Luxury Briefcase is built stronger and better than any other bag out there. With our comprehensive 25-year warranty, it's here to grow along with you and will become an integral icon to your career. Nothing is quite like it, and here are just a few reasons why the Luxury Briefcase is unparalleled...

Meet the Design:

Taking a motorcycle into the office isn't always the most practical, but you can take the freedom and rugged nature of one with our Luxury Briefcase. In fact, this design started out as a love letter to Mr. PQ's new motorcycle; we wanted to synthesize the luxurious wanderlust it inspired.

First off, we started out with the silhouette. We wanted to craft a bag with a sleek and powerful presence. We chose to use our signature full-grain leather on the exterior to give the bag structure and life. Also, it completely weatherproofs the bag, protecting cherished belongings. The contrasting two-tone look intrigues the eye and finally puts the whole "black or brown accessories with black shoes?" debate to bed. We added two large newspaper pockets for quick access. Lastly, we finished off with accessible handles and a removable shoulder strap to adjust and suit your needs.

Internally, the Luxury Briefcase is like an entire office condensed into one bag. It has two internal dividers with five internal pockets. Each divider can hold up to a 15 in. laptop or 12.9 iPad Pro, with plenty of room to spare for your entire Apple ecosystem.

Meet The Materials:

Once we had our design, it was time to roll up our sleeves get to work. The "Luxury" in our Luxury Briefcase is no hyperbole. Every material we include has been thoroughly vetted and tested for quality. Our forged nickel hardware is ultra-polished and unbreakable, so we placed at key stress points and along the closures.

It's fully constructed with leather that is sourced from American hides and responsibly dyed. We won't go into too much detail here, but check out our article on our tanning process. Then, the leather gets hemmed in by UV-resistant, parachute grade nylon thread. The Luxury Briefcase will last your entire career.

Meet The Artisans:

Our outstanding materials and designs are matched with the exceptional artisans who craft each bag by hand. The artisans realize our designs with the world's best materials and execute them beautifully. Almost anyone can "make" a bag, but very few can actually craft a bag. This small, but a key difference is what elevates the Briefcase. We sought out the most skilled, experienced artisans to imbue our bag with decades of experience. Once they're finished, they add their name, discreetly, into the interior. This signature is proof that the Luxury Briefcase was crafted by human hands.

We believe so strongly in this unique combination of artisan ability, the endurance of our leather and the everlasting nature of our hardware that we stand behind it for the next quarter century. The Luxury Briefcase makes a wonderful gift, it's stylish, timeless, and will last a lifetime. Everyone has a unique story to tell, thank you for letting us become a part of yours. Welcome to the Pad & Quill Family!

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