storm trooper iphone

In spite of it being the time of year of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, there is civil unrest arising at Pad and Quill world headquarters. While the conflict doesn’t nearly rise to the level of the First Order against The Resistance (we recently went to see Star Wars VII and it may have left a bit of an impression on us), it does resonate through all great conflicts of history. I believe it is called the “anything you can do, I can do better” paradox.

There has been a declaration that Mrs. PQ is the best product tester when it comes to the durability of our book bound iPhone cases, leather iPad Pro cases, and accessories for the Apple Watch. This distinction is by no means complimentary... It's not that our team of designers are scouring the depths of my creative cortex in terms of quality assurance. Rather they are simply wondering how long it will take to discover the design flaw that renders a case, stand, or band a failure in the protection department. Essentially, according to Mr. PQ, Mrs. PQ is dropping her things all the time.

I will admit that I have broken a smart device a time or two. My most recent casualty? The Apple Watch I dropped on the bathroom floor while in a post-surgical haze. It was the moment time stood still. Well, at least, time on my watch disappeared as I couldn’t access any functions without spearing my finger with a quiver of glass shards.

I made Mr. PQ swear on a pile of iOS devices that he could never tease me about my Watch, but he is a man of varying faith. He managed to tweak and barb me a few times over the last several days. “Hmm, I wonder what time it is? Oh that’s right, I need to tell you….” snark, snark, snark.

So, imagine my vindication as we shopped last night and he mentioned we needed to stop by the Apple Store. We always “need” to stop by the Apple Store, so I’m not sure what prompted me to ask “why?”

Princess Leia be praised, the old man had dropped his iPhone 6 and shattered the glass. This would be the same line of iPhone 6’s which he also crunched and drowned. I believe this will be his fourth iteration of a 6 for him. I might be out of time, but the 4th was with him. I hereby declare that it is high time he inherits the title of "chief product tester."