I actually heard a case maker recently say that they do not like wood and don't want it being in the way of the iPhone (inferring us in the comment). Really? Isn't finished wood in an iPhone cover sorta...amazing? Another maker decided to use plastic to hold iPhones in their covers.


To quote the late Steve Jobs:  "I am as proud of what we don't do as I am of what we do."

It's always been confusing to me how you miss the wonder, the beauty that exists within organic materials. I know this is not lost on our customers. :)  Baltic birch, when finished professionally is gorgeous. It's unique multiple layers and marble like depth is so cool to look at in our iPhone and iPad cases. Quality leather is the same, I love when you can see the depth inside one of our luxury covers, the deep tones and distress that make each and every piece unique.

When you buy any product from us I promise the characteristic's you'll see over and over is appreciation, beauty and wonder.  It's how we at Pad & Quill look at the natural world and love to craft those materials into products that we hope you enjoy using every day!

FYI Do not look for a plastic iPad or iPhone case anytime soon.

Brian - Mr PQ