iphone 7 conceptThere are a lot of iPhone 7 rumors floating around the interwebs as of late, and not all of them are good. Forbes has posted their "Maybe next time" piece lamenting the lack of an AMOLED screen, the thin design probably means an unimproved battery life, there is an online petition to save the headphone jack with 300,000 signatures, oh, and it still won't be able to scramble a decent egg.

Well, for all the naysayers out there, we are here to make a case for the iPhone 7 and share why it will be the best one yet! Plus we've got a few juicy new rumors for you too.

No AMOLED Screen on iPhone 7

amoled iphone 7 screenThe Rumor: Leaked research notes have revealed that Apple likely won't be bringing AMOLED screens to their phones until 2018. AMOLED screens are currently on the market in some phones now, though to varying degrees of success... They do, however, represent significant savings in power consumption over the standard LED screens phones have been using for years now. And since AMOLED screens don't use a backlight, they can be a smidge thinner than an LED screen. So many Apple fans are quite disappointed that this new technology won't grace the iPhone 7. But is that the whole story?

Making The Case for iPhone 7 LED screen: Apple is always pushing the envelope in terms of tech, they kicked off the Retina screen wars back in 2010, but they usually don't adopt a new technology before it is ready for prime time. And we are of the opinion that AMOLED screens are just not ready for prime time yet. AMOLED screens are harder to make which leads to some very real quality control concerns. They are more expensive, which results in them often using a 'pentile' pixel layout leading to fuzzy text on the screen and a slightly lower resolution. They also degrade over time much more noticeably than a standard LED screen. The organic polymers in these can burn in on the UI elements, brightness and colors fade the more you use it, and they use significantly more power than a standard LED screen when showing whiter images.

With all these checks in the 'Con' box for AMOLED technology as it stands right now, is it any wonder that Apple is hesitant? That being said, we do expect a bump in resolution on the iPhone 7 to 1704x960 from 1334x750, and on the iPhone 7 Plus to 2208x1242 from 1920x1080. So resolution will improve, colors will stay crisp and bright, and quality concerns won't be as big of an issue.

Missing Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

iphone 7 headphone jackThe Rumor: Apple is going to kill the headphone jack, and it has people up in arms. Hashtags like #savejack and #jackgate are floating around already and online petitions are being signed to save the hallowed little round hole in the phones. People lament that their old headphones won't be compatible anymore without little adaptor boxes, Apple will control the third party headphone market and force them to buy lightning connector headphones, and that it will result in tons of electronic waste as we all collectively throw our headphones into the nearest dump.

Of course, this rumor is very likely going to come true. Apple is famous for killing antiquated technology well before anybody else (anybody remember when your computer last had a CD drive?). So why is this a good thing?

Making The Case for Killing The Headphone Jack in iPhone 7: No headphone jack means Apple can slim their phone down even further or maybe even include more space in it for a slightly bigger battery. No headphone jack means we will be moving into the age of Bluetooth headphones and will never have to untangle a Gordian headphone knot again! No headphone jack means bigger headphones will be plugged into the lightning connector and will be able to draw power directly from the phone's battery, which means they will get more powerful! Coolest of all- no headphone jack means the phone can be waterproofed so the next time you drop it in the toilet, you won't panic so much! If you still love wired headphones, you can either buy the new fancy lightning connector versions or there will be plenty of tiny adaptors out there to convert your standard plug into a lightning plug. We say down with the headphone jack!

No Improved Battery Life on iPhone 7

30mm-450mm-silicon-waferThe Rumor: The iPhone 7 battery life won't have an improved battery life because they want to maintain the thin profile and won't switch to more energy-efficient AMOLED displays.

Making The Case for iPhone 7 Improved Battery Life: While Apple certainly isn't going to backtrack and make a thicker phone to accommodate a larger battery, this doesn't mean that the battery life won't be improved. One major improvement that was just leaked by 9to5Mac is that each chip in the new iPhone 7 will have an Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shield. Essentially it is an ultra-thin layer of metal that is placed on top of each chip, it is the same tech used in the Apple Watch right now. Of course, this means less EM waves beaming through your brain, which is most certainly a good thing. This will also reduce overall interference from the chips within the device, and also allow for an even better wireless experience. Coolest of all, it means that Apple can place their chips closer together and change the overall design of the mainboard so that there is more room for a bigger battery which means... you guessed it! Improved battery life on the iPhone 7.

The one downside to this tech is that the iPhone will probably be even worse at scrambling eggs than it was before. But I think we can live with that.

That's our take at least, what do you think? Will the new iPhone 7 be the bomb or a bust?