Making the Case for Books

When Mrs. PQ and I began Pad and Quill, we set out to create beautiful iPad and iPhone cases that were hand made, locally bound works of art.  What we did not understand was the state of modern day bookbinding.  We knew that the digital age was eroding the  bookbinding and presentation markets, just not the scope.


From books for schools to presentation materials, the binding tradition has suffered from the unique and powerful tools that make digital presentations.  A few months back we met with a Marketing firm that confirmed that clients from all different industries had not only moved long ago to laptop presentations but were now looking for every way to utilize iPad’s in there marketing efforts.


The team at PQ is excited that we had the opportunity to revive this art here in the Twin Cities by wrapping really awesome devices in hand made, traditionally bound books.  That is why we use the phrase 'Making the Case for Books!'.  We feel that our broad case line is truly making a great argument for why this rich tradition should remain strong.


Which raises the question, what other age old traditional techniques are being replaced by the digital age?  Our first thought was photographic film (Those of you young enough to not understand that last phrase make our point).


We would love to hear your thoughts...