Macworld Here We Come

Mr. P&Q and I are busy readying ourselves for the upcoming Macworld convention in San Francisco.   For Mr. P&Q this has meant digging his running clothes out of storage, purchasing a pair of trail shoes and recalling how to set his alarm clock for O dark:30 workouts.  The Steep Ravine Trail Run was too much a temptation for Mrs. P&Q to pass by as a great way to tour the Golden Gate National Rec Area. So, with 7 miles of single track looming for the slightly sedentary Mr. P&Q, he has commenced with hitting the trails, both figuratively and literally.  Our early morning run started in the woods and concluded in the emergency room with a dislocated shoulder, stupid black ice.  The good news is that there is no ice on the famed Dipsea Trail, the bad news is that the big guy won’t be running much for the next several days.  For my part I’ve been preparing my palate with some great California wines and cramming like a co-ed for our pending Mac techie meet and greets.  I can no more discuss the rumored specs for the upcoming iPad 3 release as Mr. P&Q can list the five most recent Xterra Trail champions. I did send a shock wave through the world of Apple and all things celluloid by clicking on live coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show, only to hear one of the commentators note the iPhone is now obsolete, thanks to the advent of the Samsung Focus and the HTC Titan.  I’m reasonably certain this is why we are attending iWorld this year.


-Mrs. PQ