MacBook siri

With the release of  macOS Siri via the Sierra update, users noticed the ability to enable the helpful little voice  on their MacBooks. While Siri for the iPhone is useful, it’s full of problems from misunderstanding questions to shorting out, it has its benefits.

How To Install and Use Siri for MacOS

Before you read the rest of this article, it’s best to make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of MacOS, Sierra. It will take around 45 minutes to download so whether you're stuck in an airport or binging Netflix, give yourself some time to be laptop free. You can get the link to download here.

After you have set up MacOS Sierra, simply enable Siri when prompted and you’ll be on your way. Your shortcut key will be automatically set to ‘command-space’ but you can easily edit this to whatever you’d like via Preferences.

MacOS Siri

Siri for MacOS does not yet support voice activation like the iPhone. However, MacWorld has a handy guide  here to help you set up the ‘Hey Siri’ method via the Accessibility section.

How to use MacOS Siri


But after all this work, what really is the point of having Siri on your MacBook. Siri makes sense for your iPhone when hands-free activity is needed. Holding kids, driving, or mittens make Siri a handy tool for any iPhone user. But if you are using a MacBook, chances are you are not outside or driving (hopefully) and your child wrangling is hopefully a little bit easier with a light as air MacBook (link in new MacBook here)

Apple has pulled through with an app development that does, in fact, have used if you are a heavy user of your Mac. Something as simple as asking a question can be easily done via Siri and it will quickly be able to pull up any Google searches you were looking for.

Want to find that one image from the Cubs winning the World Series? Just ask Siri and you’ll be covered. You can also easily check the weather, stock values and any notifications you may have pending. One of the biggest highlights was how Siri can easily find files in your Dropbox, Cloud or general folders. Don’t want to dig through 8 layers of folders to find that one picture or essay? Simply ask Siri to find it and you’ll be set.

Once you have set up the verbal command portion on Siri you can easily send iMessages, set reminders and knock off items on your to-do list. Hopefully, Apple will have Siri’s programming up to code soon and you won’t have to jump hoops for voice activation to open Siri, but once you have it started it’s as easy as saying ‘Hey Siri’. Or ‘Waaaaz up’ if that’s more your style.

MacOS Siri : Useful When It Works

Voice activation is a great addition to any smart device, and if you use it it’s something worth using. If the extra step doesn’t come second nature to you, even after some time, it’s not a necessary feature to have. Siri isn’t perfect. When it glitches, it does so spectacularly. But when it’s up to form, it can be a great tool to use during your busy day. As a writer, I recommend giving it a little time and a little practice. When it works, it’s a great tool that creates some of the best productivity around. Plus with so many great voices to choose from, what’s not to love?