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So you just brought a home a brand new MacBook Pro. You splurged on the Touch Bar and are falling in love with every inch. You set it down on your table, throw it in your backpack or simply stick in on a pedestal. But then one day, tragedy! A scratch! While MacBooks are considered incredibly reliable and scratchproof, nothing replaces a good case for your Macbook to protect it when chaos runs amok. Check out our line of Macbook Cases for every occasion and need to keep your new laptop safe and sound.

Slim Macbook Cases, Bags, Skins, & Covers


Cartella Slim Case for Macbook Pro 2016

We love the Cartella Slim case for our Macbook Pro 2016. It comes in both 13" and 15" sizes, puts the book back into Macbook. Made like an actual hardbound book cover, this case is constructed with uber-durable buckram linen cloth and smells just like a good book. We even added a moleskine inspired elastic strap for both style and security. Our special multi-seam spine allows the Macbook to fully open without any obstructions to the vents and fans for thermal cooling. It adheres with our secure locking 3M adhesive, and keeps a super slim profile while disguising the Macbook and keeping it snug as a bug in a rug. The case is available in 3 colors currently, so there's a shade for every taste. Check out the Cartella Slim Case for 2016 Macbook Pro 13" and Cartella Slim Case for 2016 Macbook Pro 15"

cartella wooden macbook case

Cartella Linen Case For Macbook

Looking for something a bit sturdier than a skin or cover? The Cartella Linen is a fantastic case for pre-2016 Macbooks. Holding the Macbook securely in a precision CNC'd Baltic Birch wooden shell and wrapped in a hardbound book cover, this case protects the laptop from all angles and turns into a handy lap desk when opened. It closes securely with an elastic band closure, and is sure to draw envious looks and attention from co-workers and friends alike. Available for the Macbook 12", Macbook Air 13", and Macbook Pro Retina 13"

valet-slim macbook case

Valet Slim Leather Macbook Case

Sometimes the easiest way to protect your Macbook is with a leather case that can easily keep it safe and secure while bumping around in the back of your car or travel bags. The Valet Slim Macbook Case is crafted from a single piece of full-grain leather and stitched with parachute grade stitching. It comes backed with our 25-year leather warranty and is a simple, classy Macbook Sleeve that will look good for years to come. Check out the Valet Slim Macbook 13" Case and the Valet Slim Macbook 12" Case.

valet-luxury macbook case

Valet Luxury Leather Macbook Carrying Case

If you are looking for something more substantial to carry all your gear in one slick package, we have designed the Valet Luxury Macbook Case just for you. It has room for your Macbook along with the charging brick, an iPad, pens, stylus, and more. Made from full-grain leather that will patina and age with use, it even comes with a handle for easy carrying. It is a little wild west and a little Mad Men all wrapped into one stylish package. Available for 15" Macbooks , 13" Macbooks , and 12" Macbooks.


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