MacBook Touch Bar battery

So you splurged on that brand new MacBook Pro. The Touch Bar called and you answered. Plus you heard that the battery life was improving and you’d be able to trek just about anywhere without your charger, including the hipster coffee shops with no outlets. But you started to notice something. At first, you attributed it to just high usage... but no, your MacBook was indeed dying faster than it takes your latte to cool.

Don’t give up hope and throw your MacBook back into the black lagoon. We’ve searched far and wide to find you the best tips to keep your MacBook Pro battery running long enough to actually get to finish the latest episode of Westworld and live tweet your way along to boot.

Macbook Pro Battery Saving Tip #1: Software Updates to Help Your MacBook Pro

software update MacBook Pro touch bar

Look we know you probably have but if you haven’t, your time is now. I won’t even be offended if you stop reading this article to let your MacBook restart. Apple products always have a few bugs and battery life is generally the first hit and first fixed.

MacRumors had already begun reporting the new MacBook Pros are beginning to experience better battery life. But if you haven’t even looked into updating your software, you really only have yourself to blame. Plus just think of it as the time to procrastinate from doing real tasks at work.

Battery Saving Tip #2: Keep Your MacBook Pro Battery at 100

MacBook Pro 2016

Look, sometimes you have to give up things if you want your super impressive magic Touch Bar and MacBook to last longer than a Pixar movie. But with a fully charged MacBook and a few little fixes, you’ll be just fine when it comes to travel sans chargers.

Battery Saving Tip #3: Avoiding Videos/Internet/Fun


If you find yourself not needing Wifi, turn it off. Internet usage quickly kills just about any device, but letting your MacBook hold onto hope of internet and keep searching will kill it even faster. Let it down easy and turn your WiFi off completely. We know the internet is fun but so is having a powered up MacBook to actually get that work proposal written up.

Ready for even less fun? Stop trying to play video games without a charger and watch that hilarious YouTube video. Both are responsible for devouring battery life faster than a football player post practice. If you want to watch a video on a trip, your best bet is to download your favorite shows via Netflix onto your iPhone/iPad and playing some Candy Crush. Save the fun for when you've got a charger and get productive!

Battery Saving Tip #4: Shine Like A Diamond... Or Not

macbook screen brightness

Look, your laptop doesn’t need to be a flashlight. Using that fancy touch bar, you can change your brightness by increments. Turn it down a little or go into your settings to set up your sunset brightness. You’ll save on battery and your eyes will thank you.

Battery Saving Tip #5: Push Notifications Off

push notifications macbook

Each time you go on a website, open a unique application or even sync up your different iCloud accounts, you often sign up for push notifications. Located on the right side of your MacBook Pro, they give you everything from micro-reminders to the latest news about the newest Lego Movie. They're also a well-known battery killers, sapping energy every time they ping across your screen.

To turn them off follow these directions:

  • Open your notifications tab located on the top far right corner.
  • Click on the settings wheel and you'll be in your push notifications hub.
  • Uncheck the notification buttons and pick the 'None' alert style.
  • You'll finally be free from having to hear about Kanye 2020. You're welcome.


Battery Saving Tip #6: Portable Chargers for Your MacBook

external battery MacBook Pro 2016

If you find yourself on the move often, it may well be time to invest in a portable charger. MacWorld tested out many and found the Anker PowerCore+ to be the best find on the market in terms of price, usage, and charge. Easy to pack and carry, they offer refresh charge when your MacBook is on the brink of extinction. Plus, ones with lithium ion batteries are even approved for airplane usage. If you find yourself constantly losing charge with your MacBook or are on the road more often than not, you'll be happy to have a little energy pack just like this.

Consolation Prize: You Can Still Travel In Style With A Dead MacBook Pro Battery


While the MacBook with Touch Bar has presented fun new technology and a step forward for Apple, the promised battery life of 10 hours seems to be a far-off dream. However, there are still plenty of ways to eek out more than a few hours. Plus with software updates aplenty and rumors already swirling about the newest gadgets coming from Apple in 2017, worrying about battery life may soon be a thing of the past. So, even if your MacBook can't hold a charge for more than a few hours, at least you've got some sweet products to make it look like it's working just fine.