how to clean your macbookMore often than not cleaning your MacBook feels like a chore. But if you've spilled a cup of coffee over the keyboard or had some grimy fingers on the screen, keeping your MacBook clean is a must. While MacBook cleaning is critical, having a case to protect it is even more important. That's why we love our line of MacBook cases designed to keep your computer clean for years to come.

Macbook Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Your MacBook: First Steps

how to clean your MacBook

To start your thorough Macbook Cleaning, gather your cleaning products.This should include:

  • Lint-free soft cloths
  • Air-duster
  • A soft brush
  • Water
  • LCD wipes
  • Q-tips

Once you have these items together, remove your MacBook from its protective Cartella for MacBook Air 13'' or Valet Luxury Sleeve for MacBook 13''. We love both of these for the protection they offer MacBooks, keeping dirt and grime away from the main frame.

Power down your MacBook completely and detach it from any power sources. If any liquid seeps in while cleaning, it can cause havoc with your hard drive and void your warranty.

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Macbook Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Your MacBook Keyboard

how to clean your MacBook

If you find dust, use an air duster to help clear it away with ease. Spray the air duster over the MacBook keys and make a few pass over it if your keyboard hasn't been cleaned in a while.

If any sticky residue or grime seems to be stuck on the keyboard, use a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol on the keyboard keycaps. You can also dip the q-tip in a little water and wipe down the exterior. When cleaning your keyboard, be careful to not let any liquid seep in. If this happens, you can follow these helpful steps.

Using a Cartella Slim for 2016 MacBook Pro helps keep dust build up at bay and is our favorite way to prevent grime from building up on the keyboard.

Macbook Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Your MacBook Screen

How to clean your MacBook screen

To clean your MacBook screen, use a lint-free soft cloth and a very small amount of water. When the cloth is damp, wipe in circular motions over the screen. If you find stubborn marks on the screen, invest in some LCD cleaner or wipes to get rid of any leftover grime.

The Cartella Linen case for pre-2016 MacBooks does a great job of protecting your MacBook screen from breakage while also keeping grime and gunk away from the screen when closed. Easy to travel with, they're perfect for the business professional on the go. Available for the MacBook 12'', MacBook Air 13'', and MacBook Pro Retina 13''.

Macbook Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Your MacBook Exterior Frame

how to clean your macbook exterior frame

While doing your thorough MacBook cleaning, you might find yourself needing to clean the MacBook frame. If so, use a damp cloth and avoid cleaning solutions that aren't approved for Apple products. If you find some especially difficult gunk on your MacBook exterior frame, you can use dry cotton swabs to help rub it off.

With residue-free 3M adhesive and full coverage of your frame, the Cartella Slim for 2016 MacBook Pro 13'' offers great protection and cleanliness for your 2016 MacBook. Plus it's slim fit is perfect for on the go travel. They are available for the 2016 MacBook Pro 13'' and 2016 MacBook Pro 15''.

Macbook Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Your MacBook Ports

how to clean your macbook ports

If you find your ports getting grime or dust in them, you can use a makeup brush to help remove the grime.

The best way to keep your MacBook clean is to keep it secure. With our Cartella Linen line, we've designed a case to do just that. The sturdy wood frame or residue-free adhesive are both perfect cradles from keeping your MacBook from taking a tumble. They are available for the Macbook 12", Macbook Air 13", and Macbook Pro Retina 13" .

Macbook Cleaning Tip: Keep It Covered


The best way to keep your MacBook from building up grime, dust, and residue? Keep it wrapped in a perfect buckram linen case or leather sleeve. Our Cartella MacBook Case line is dedicated to protecting your MacBook. Our vintage-style case keeps your MacBook safe with its archival-quality linen. Plus the 3M adhesive latches onto your MacBook so securely, we've used it in thousands of iPhone and iPad cases too. We even added in a Moleskine-style strap to protect your laptop in transit. This case is here to stay and will loyally protect your Mac for years to come.

Looking to protect your MacBook even more? Check out our Valet line! Designed to be a companion to our Cartellas, they will keep dust bunnies at bay and guard against the elements.

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