MacBook Air Protection

Laptops come in handy, especially when you're a student or a freelancer. Being able to use your MacBook in the coffee shop, the airport, your car, or anywhere you need to get some work done while you wait is one of the best perks of owning a laptop. On the flip side, taking your MacBook with you everywhere you go makes it that much more likely that you'll ding, drop, smudge, or spill coffee on your laptop. With a little MacBook Air protection, however, you'll be ready for accidents before they happen.

MacBook Air Cases

Let's start with the most practical way to protect your laptop: a MacBook Air case. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Your friend sets a coffee mug on your MacBook and leaves a coffee ring. Your cat walks over the laptop cover and leaves scratches on the finish. Or you throw the laptop in your bag along with your car keys, never thinking about how they'll scratch your MacBook.
A book-style MacBook Air case provides more than scratch and damage protection. It's like a secret camouflage that makes your MacBook look just like a book—not an expensive electronic device.


When it comes to damage from spilled drinks or leaving your MacBook on top of the car and then driving away, there's not much a MacBook Air case can do for you. In that case, it pays to have AppleCare or a third-party protection plan. Along with coverage for the hardware, you'll also receive technical support and software support.

Backup Protection

MacBook Air protection involves more than just physical damage. Viruses, hard drive crashes, and software corruption can be just as devastating as cracking your laptop case—or more so. Use cloud-based storage to back up your files on a regular basis, or use an external hard drive if you prefer to store your files locally. Make sure you keep your software updated as well, to avoid corruption from viruses or Trojan horses.

Be Smart

Common sense can give you more MacBook Air protection than anything you can buy. For starters, don't let your MacBook out of sight when you're in a public place. If you're in a coffee shop and need to use the restroom, pack up your laptop and take it with you. If your cat likes to jump on the coffee table, don't leave your MacBook where it can get scratched. While it pays to have a little extra protection with a MacBook Air case and an AppleCare plan, common sense still goes a long way toward protecting your laptop.

MacBook Air Cases

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