When we invented the very first case made of baltic birch to hold an iPad we had a great deal to learn.  For the first several years we used self adhesive thin bumper system to hold iPad's in our cases.  We learned, as we worked with our customers, that the system could be improved. Striving for constant innovation we decided in late 2011 that we would develop for the iPad 3 and 2 a brand new system to work with our wood.  The goal was to provide superior hold on the iPad and create a stronger and longer lasting wood frame.


The Sure Lock System was developed and tested in house at Pad and Quill.  We worked very closely with Eric who designs all our wood frames.  We created our own custom 3D drawing of the parts, tested many prototypes and finally landed on the perfect combination of real wood tray  and injection molded corners.  What's exciting about this development is that even the little Sure Lock Bumpers are made right here in Minnesota!


If your looking for a unique case for your iPad, that works well and lasts long, look no further.  Pad and Quill is truly making the case for books...and bumpers!


Check out Will from PQ showing the Sure Lock System in action!


Sure Lock Bumper System on YouTube


Mr. PQ