Litmus Test #5 - Did we exhaust ourselves in pursuing excellence?

When designing products, you can travel a few paths as a brand. The first is making a product predominately practical.  There are many examples of this, from laptop stands to iPhone cases. We know that in both of these examples, there are very practical, useful designs that are...well...not attractive. There is a place for these designs, but not a road we choose here at Pad & Quill. 

Another path is designing a product to be predominantly beautiful and stylish.  You can create and manufacture a beautiful accessory. Still, if it’s not that practical or, even worse, not at all that durable, then you’ve made something lovely to look at…but not very good at being useful in a practical sense. 

The path we pursue here at Pad & Quill is to merge practical beauty with stylish and beautiful historic design.  We like to call this 'Good Art.' This focus combines beautiful design and aesthetics with durable and useful products.  For our team here at Pad & Quill, the goal is always to connect these to form a delightful experience for the customer. This is our definition of excellence and why our products must adhere to the 'Good Art' pathway to be burnished with the Pad & Quill unique ampersand.


Mr. PQ