Litmus Test #2: Have we created something that our discriminating friends and family would be proud to own?


Our first product was a handmade book bindery-style iPad case replicating a journal with an elastic strap. The idea was whimsical, practical, and in fact, quite stylish.  When our friends would inquire about the products in our early years, one of these three features was generally referenced. Statements like, “That is a cool case!” Or “Wow, that must offer great protection!” Or “Now that is a handsome leather bag.”

We were not trained designers here at Pad & Quill when we started. Truly! We were passionate about making stylish, beautiful tech and lifestyle accessories that provided a level of sophistication that our group of friends would appreciate.

That’s how we came to this litmus test. When we head to design a new product or update an existing one, the most crucial question is, “Would you use this, or even better, would your friends love to use this?”. This critical self-inquiry is required because if the product looks stylish…yet is not practical in daily use, it can’t be a Pad & Quill product.  We strive to ensure our discriminating and fashionable friends find our products useful in their daily lives.


Mr. PQ