leather MacBook Pro bagLaptops have been through quite a journey. With the introduction of new 2016 MacBook Pro from Apple, we've doubled down on our leather MacBook bags. When a device is as integral as this to your daily life, travel-ready laptop bags are a must. Sadly, carrying your MacBook can become a cumbersome task, especially with all the dongles... Here at Pad & Quill, we've crafted a line of luxury leather laptop bags, folders, and carryalls to help you travel with your laptop easily.

Valet Luxury Leather Laptop Bags

valet luxury leather bag for MacBook ProWhile most laptop bags look like they've come straight from the 90s, we wanted to hearken back to the 1890s with a stylish leather MacBook bag that can carry all your essentials and look good too.  That’s why we crafted the Valet Luxury Bag and Valet Portfolio line for all your laptop travel needs. With a style that calls to mind the postmen of the Wild West and the classiness of a well tailored suit, it's the best of both the past and present.

leather macbook pro caseOur Valet Luxury Bags help protect your MacBook with full grain American leather, parachute-grade nylon stitching, and a 25-Year warranty. Luxurious and sturdy it comes complete with an extra pocket for your charging brick, a wide pocket for the iPad Pro & documents, and 2 pen holders that fit the Apple Pencil. All of this closes with an easy access closure and carries easily with a handle on the top. While not overbearing in size, the Luxury Valet Bag offers protection from the outdoor elements. Our Valet Bags fit the iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7, MacBook Pro 13 , Macbook Pro 15, and MacBook 12 and is easily usable for all your other Apple products. It is also completely compatible with your new 2016 MacBook Pro 13 & 15.

Valet Leather Macbook Pro Portfolio

MacBook air leather sleeveOn the other side of the Valet line is the Valet Portfolio. While less bulky than the Valet Luxury Bags, each is able to easily carry your laptop or iPad, while offering similar protection to the Valet bags. Minimalist in style and made from a single piece of durable full grain leather, the laptop portfolio can be carried on its own or placed in a bag to travel worry free. It travels slim as a leather MacBook bag and can easily be partnered with a full-size briefcase. This is a portfolio designed for the minimalist in all of us. It is a perfect fit for your MacBook Air 11-13 and 2016 Macbook Pro 13 and MacBook 12.

Travel In Style With Leather Laptop Bags and Portfolios to Match

leather MacBook pro bagOur daily lives are hectic. A good leather travel bag is a must for your MacBook. Our Valet bags are built to last for years to come from only the best, most incredibly durable and luxurious full grain leathers. A Valet bag or Portfolio from Pad and Quill makes your daily life a little less hectic, and gives you something you can rely on. We use the same leather on the valet that we use on our iPad and iPhone cases. Beautiful and functional, the Pad & Quill leather Macbook bag and portfolio line are built to travel with you and last for years to come.

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