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Find a perfect leather laptop bag can feel as difficult as trying to pick out the perfect laptop. From the flimsy to the overbearing, a laptop bag has to keep your tech safe while traveling compact. From versatility to comfort, Pad & Quill has designed a perfect lineup of leather laptop bags for your every need.

Versatility in Leather Laptop Bags

leather laptop sleeve


A great laptop bag is one that can handle any situation. The Valet Slim Leather Laptop Sleeve is the perfect laptop case and laptop bag for any occasion. Prop up your laptop with ease to write a quick email on the go. Then, slip your laptop into your Valet and it goes from a leather laptop case to leather laptop sleeve in moments.

Slim Leather Laptop Bags

leather laptop bags

When on the go, keeping items ready is essential. While a MacBook case offers protection, it also means less ability to use your laptop in its original lightweight format. With a Valet Luxury Laptop Sleeve, carrying and using your laptop becomes a breeze. Fit it into your favorite Pad & Quill Backpack or carry it on its own. It’s easy to access handle makes travel hassle-free.

Durable Leather Laptop Bags

leather laptop sleeve

Laptop bags can be found anywhere and while $10 at Target may feel like a worthwhile purchase in the short run, when your laptop falls out on the ground the repair costs will leaving you not enjoy your travels. At Pad & Quill, only the best materials are used in our luxury leather laptop bags. Full grain leather, parachute-grade nylon stitching, and copper rivets mean your leather laptop sleeve will outlast your MacBook and still be in great condition for years after.

Travel With the Perfect Laptop Bag or Sleeve

slim laptop bag

Whether you find yourself on the go from dawn till dusk or are looking for the perfect way to enjoy a cup of coffee while at work, a leather laptop bag is a must for travel. A great laptop sleeve will keep your laptop safe from miles 2 to 2000.


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