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Whether you've just entered your first official job or are looking for a new way to carry your favorite tech, the perfect bag is one that will hold up to the test of time while also helping accomplish all your needs. Your bag needs to be one durable enough to travel with you every day, and survive the elements to boot. At Pad & Quill, we've crafted a full lineup of bags meant to last with you for years to come. From gorgeous leather to durable canvas, we’ve created a full collection meant to go with you from boardwalk to boardroom.

Luxury Leather Bag Qualities: Leather

luxury bag qualities

When it comes to leather, we don’t cut corners, literally. Each piece of full-grain leather is cut as one piece, making the bag last longer with limited stitching.When looking for a high-quality bag, leather is the clear choice for a long-lasting product with it's ability to age beautifully over time.

At Pad & Quill, our skilled artisans only use the best of the best leather, full grain. Unlike other versions of leather, full grain leather is not sanded down or treated as anything but a top quality product. Each bag with full-grain leather will be as unique as the next. In your bag, you may notice natural scarring or even a little spot where a mosquito bit. We take pride in using real products that show old-world class with a modern twist. Our Luxury Briefcase is a perfect example of that craftmanship.

Luxury Leather Bag Qualities: Waxed Canvas

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Leather goods have become a staple at Pad & Quill, but we’ve just as quickly fallen in love with waxed canvas. It’s durable, water resistant fabric that ages well while providing a unique look all it’s own. It’s tough as nails while light enough to make it a great addition to anyone looking for an easy travel bag. Whether you're buying your first bag or your tenth, canvas is a great addition to your collection. You can bring some of it's old world charm home in a Messenger Bag.

Luxury Leather Bag Qualities: Stitching

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What really brings a bag together? As you look for a high-quality bag to carry with you for years to come, you’ll want the stitching to be just as tough as the rest of the bag. While anyone can make a bag, it’s the stitching that easily separates the pack. A great bag will have stitching that is used in parachutes. Parachute-grade UV-resistant nylon stitching ensures your bag will stay together, no matter what you through it's way. When looking for a quality bag, look for stitching that is tightly sewn and built from tough thread like nylon. Try to avoid stitching made from cotton, it can weaken and stretch with time. You will find some of the best quality stitching in the Leather Tote Bag and can bring yours home today!

Luxury Leather Bag and You

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Trying to find a high-quality bag but overwhelmed by the sheer number of options on the market? While high-quality leather, canvas, and stitching are important to finding the perfect durable, high-quality bag, Pad & Quill will have your back beyond getting the perfect bag to your door. With a 25-year leather warranty, 30-day money back promise and free domestic shipping, you’ll not just be bringing home a high-quality bag, you’ll be joining our family.

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