Knowing Yourself

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom”



In spite of it being 95 degrees and humid here in the north, with cicadas buzzing in the trees and the sun lingering in the sky for a full 14 hours, it feels more like the holidays then the tail end of summer.  In our household, by the time December 22nd rolls around, every present under the tree has been shaken, measured and categorized with prolific guessing as to what will be found Christmas morning.  Every so often I’ll find a package with a corner that has been peeled back to reveal a small peak of what’s inside.  Sometimes we will go to great lengths to wrap packages inside of packages to deter this espionage, but at other times its more fun to allow some insight so the suspense grows.


We feel the same way about the tremendous effort we’ve undertaken to expand our product line to include more luxurious leather, more styles and colors and some things that we’ve kept locked down in development, (no sneaking peeks on this one).  We’ve done some soul searching and deep conversing to re work our brand so that it reflects our values and represents a company of which our customers can be proudly affiliated.


Wisdom, adventure, integrity and meaning,


and for now, the header image is a little peek...



Mrs. PQ