Kindle Reads


We have been thrilled to create our beautiful handmade cases for Kindle e-readers and tablet devices. Although the iPad is our number one case product, we always felt that the best device to marry with our covers was the Kindle. A device built with reading a book as its number one focus.
When you wrap one of our cases around a Kindle it really feels like you’re holding a book...because you are!
At the PQ household, we have decided to keep all book purchases through Amazon. We all love the feel and size of the Kindles for reading. They just seem a bit more natural than the iPad. My current Mitch Rapp thriller is being read on the Kindle Fire. I have found that using the Fire as an e-reader first and then a tablet second works best for me. Mrs. PQ loves her Kindle Touch and the Mini Keeper case that keeps it nice and safe.
Our daughter is borrowing our Kindle 4 to get through the Hunger Games series late at night. Speaking of that, Mrs.PQ is working through those books as well. I’ll have to check Hunger Games out or... just be lazy and watch the upcoming movies.
What is your favorite book right now on your Kindle? We are looking for new good
-Mr. PQ