Kindle Cover Protection: What Are Your Best Options?

How many times have you dropped a book? Spilled water on it? Bent back the cover by accident? Now think about your Kindle. What happens if you drop it? Spill water on it? Scratch the screen? You might proudly display a well-loved book with tattered edges and a worn spine, but your Kindle deserves a little more protection.
Kindles are a lot more expensive to replace than books, and if damaged, your Kindle might not be usable anymore. That's why it's a good idea to protect your device with a cover, especially if you read outside or carry the device in your bag with other stuff that could scratch it (like car keys).
Here are some of your cover options for the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Paperwhite, and other models.

1. Book Style Kindle Covers

Love the Kindle but miss holding a book? You can have the best of both worlds with a book style Kindle cover. These covers provide the most protection and convenience. Your Kindle fits snugly into a frame inside the book, and the book closes to cover and protect the screen and buttons on the front of your Kindle. You can hold the book with both hands or fold back the front cover for one-handed reading.
Book style covers for the Kindle are available with deluxe options like a book light, a built-in reading stand, and an on/off smart cover that turns your Kindle on when you open the case and turns it off when you close it. Since the case looks just like a book when closed, it also provides a unique form of theft protection.

2. Sleeves

A Kindle sleeve is similar to a laptop sleeve—just smaller. The Kindle tucks inside a padded pouch (usually nylon) that's just the right size for your device. Zip it closed for protection from dust and other hazards. The padded fabric absorbs some of the impact in case you drop your Kindle. The downside of using a sleeve is that since you need to take the Kindle out of the sleeve to read, your Kindle is only protected when you store it away.

3. Skins

A Kindle skin is more about style than protection. It lets you distinguish yourself from the pack of Kindle users and get a little bit of scratch protection for the back of your Kindle as an added bonus. The silicone skin fits snugly over the back of your Kindle and includes slots for the buttons on the front. The cover may lessen the impact of a drop slightly, but don't count on it.

4. Kindle Screen Protectors

Like your Kindle naked? You can still get a little protection from damage with a screen protector. Trying to read a book with a jagged scratch across the screen is distracting. For double whammy protection, use a screen protector and a Kindle case together—full protection for the front and back of your Kindle device.

Kindle Covers and Screen Protectors

Looking for a Kindle cover with style? Look no further than Pad & Quill's selection of cases for Kindle, including the Fire, Touch, and Paperwhite devices. Zagg screen protectors for Kindle are also available. They come with a lifetime warranty—free replacement for the life of your device.